Caron Simply Soft

I love the word splittiness sounds great!

Yes! CSS does split. I do get flustered when I’m knitting with it, but I like the finished project. I don’t have a LYS, so it’s one of the few softer yarns I have available.

I only have problems with it splitting if I drop and wind the yarn around my fingers a lot. You can usually see the yarn starting to twist around itself. I just spin my project (or skein if it’s too big) around until it isn’t as twisted anymore and it works better.
I think it does work better for crocheting. I don’t have to wind/unwind it around my fingers as much so it doesn’t untwist/unply itself.

I dislike working with SS, but the things I have made turned out lovely enough that I’ll probably use it again. I use fairly dull needles and haven’t had a problem with splitting. Worked a shawl on size 10 needles, pics in the Shawlalong thread, and the pecan pie beret from the last knitty on size 3 needles. I double stranded the main color for the beret and still didn’t have trouble with splitting. I think I’m a relatively slow knitter, though, which may make a difference.

Now that I have been thinking about it, I think the first time I used SS I was thinking that it did seem splitty to me at first but once I got used to the yarn it was nice to work with.

I didn’t really realize that it was splitty cause it was one of the first yarns I ever worked with, but looking back I think it is a bit more splitty than other worsted weight I’ve worked with. Red Heart is less splitty but it just feels gross to me, I prefer the Caron anyway. And I’ve used Plymouth Encore, which is a lot less splitty, but not as soft though it doesn’t hurt my fingers like Red Heart (I haven’t washed it yet, though, and I’ve heard it washes up nice.) Caron One Pound is not as soft as CSS, but it’s less splitty.
That’s basically all of my adventures with cheaper worsted weights, hope it helps.

I love that stuff, it’s my favourite. When i was a beginner i remember feeling that way about a lot of different yarns but i think it was more a problem with my tension.

I just started another Mr. Greenjeans with CSS Shadows. I like it better than the regular CSS (so far) and the colorway is really nice.

I’m quite fond of the Shadows myself.

I love Simply Soft, but I didn’t in the beginning! It does split frequently (which got on my nerves at first), but the more I work with it, the less I have these problems. I wouldn’t boycott it completely; just use it for little projects and see if it gets any easier for you to use. If it does, then you’ll be able to appreciate how soft & inexpensive it is as well as how great the colors are.

I too have noticed it, but probably wouldn’t have noticed it near as much except:
I bought some Homespun about a yr.ago and was taken by it. So frustrated, I decided to get over that, and my fingers learned how to knit with it
double strand, a huge afghan.

So now the Caron SS doesn’t bug me near as much, my fingers kind of know how to handle it.
Boy ohhhhhhhhhhhh that SS is SO soft and loverly :slight_smile:

PS if you wet two fingers together a lil, then stroke the yarn you will be knitting just before it hits the needle, that does help :slight_smile:

I’ve just started seeing the SS Heathers in the store (walmart) and the colors are really pretty. I just have to figure out what to make…

Of course, since I started knitting, I hardly ever want to crochet!

:knitting: (but more slowly than the cartoon knitter!)

I have a literal TON of CSS in Autumn Red. It just so happens that that’s my 6 year old nephew’s (current) favorite color. It’s what I’ve been teaching him to knit with. CSS and sometimes he uses aluminum needles, sometimes bamboo and sometimes resin. So far he hasn’t had any problem with it. shrug

Okay, I don’t know the right way to say this, so if you get confused, I apologize.
I’ve found that if I pull yarn from the center of the skein, the twist is wrong, and when I’m casting on and wrapping yarn it goes the wrong way, untwisting the yarn, which makes the plies separate and leads to more splitting.
So using the wrong end of yarn leads to split yarn for me, so I just have to remember not to do that.

Maybe this helps?


I both knit and crochet with it, and it does tend to split. However, for the price and wide availability it’s a bargain–it’s really soft and great to work with since I’m allergic to wool. The people for whom I’ve made hats love the feel of it. But bottom line, if you can’t deal with it, find other yarn–there’s so much out there. I tried and tried to work with LB Homespun and can’t do it, it’s not for me. Others love it. Who knows why? Vive la difference.

I recently made two baby sweaters with it and I love it. It’s so soft and comes in such pretty colors. I haven’t noticed too much splitting, but :shrug: