Caron Simply Soft

so, I was knitting a scarf with grey Caron Simply Soft, and then all of a sudden I come upon this knot in the skein. So I untangled the knot and realized, THIS IS TWO STRANDS OF YARN TIED TOGETHER, right in the middle of my skein of yarn! :?? I just continued knitting with it, just thinking it was extremely weird… :oops: then as I was working with it more, I realized that this section of yarn felt different than the first (kind of rougher and chunky), but I was almost done by that point, so I just kept going. Then when I was finished and looked at the scarf, you can see a color change and sort of texture change for the last quarter of the scarf!! :wall:

Has this ever happened to any one else? I’m not really upset about the color change, I just think it’s really weird that they would sell a skein of yarn that had two different dye lots tied together in it… :doh:

That happened to me the other day with Paton SWS yarn. I was not only surprised, but disappointed that they would do that. If it had been something I bought on the $ rack, it wouldn’t have bothered me as much, but I paid full price for this yarn.

I’ve had this with Caron simply soft too just the other day. Guess its the nature of the beast :shrug:

Exactly! :yay: It’s not a lot of money compared to the real nice yarn, but that doesn’t mean we should have to pay in another way through our projects!

This happened to my with some Lion’s Brand Jiffy I was recently using to make a sweater for my niece. There were 4, yes 4 places where it was knotted only to find out that the strands were tied together! I guess not a big deal because it wasn’t expensive yarn but now there are all these knots on the inside of the sweater and it looks bad (oh well at least it doesn’t show).

I’ve been told, and have read that yarn manufacturers are “allowed” (??) to knot yarn together in a skein. I was taught to just untie (or clip) the knot and join just as if you were joining a new skein.

However, I would be extremely irritated to find another dye lot in the middle of a skein! I would think that is surely unacceptable, even in cheaper yarns!

I’d consider writing to the company to see if it’s a standard practice, just so you’ll know whether to buy their product again.

I’ve had this happen a few times, and once with a yarn I thought was a nice one - don’t ask me what it was though, cause I blocked it out. The worst was a skein of SWS - it had like 4 or 5 knots, and pretty staggering color changes at some points. So frustrating! Especially when you add that you have to then weave in all those ends!!:hair:

Yep. I’ve had the same thing happen with SS. Knotted in the middle of the skein and then the yarn seemed to be a different texture–kind of all fuzzed up and MUCH thicker. Reminded me of a mill end. I had to cull about 10 yards of yarn before I could use the rest of the skein. Luckily I had purchased an extra skein so I had enough yarn to finish my project. But it make me :!!!:

I haven’t had that happen with the Simply Soft–yet. But I have had it occur with the Lion Brand Thick & Quick. And with several $8.50/50g balls of Debbie Bliss yarns. I was far, far more irritated with the expensive knots. :gah::!!!:

I’ve used Caron a few times, never had this problem. Used it for the scarf on my avatar :wink:

I would be so mad if I paid a lot for yarn and ended up with this! I’m so glad I posted this to see that other people have had problems with this type of thing. It reallys irks me!

From what I’ve read on here, knots happen in skeins of all price ranges, cheap and expensive. So, it’s annoying, but it may happen.

I haven’t had it happen with SS either, or Lion Jiffy, but I’ve heard of it with more expensive yarn as well. It doesn’t matter how much the yarn costs, sometimes you just get knotted yarn.

I just ran across this same problem in my SWTC Karaoke. Which is 50% WOOL, so I don’t quite understand why they don’t just felt the ends together, which is what I do when I untie the knots…

Whoa, that’s gotta suck. I’ve never had the color swap happen, but I’ve had ties in my yarn. They never bothered me though because the ties were very tight, so the ties never got in the way. They blended in the work just as if I changed yarns.

I run into knots once in a while and I use a fairly wide price range of yarns. I just cut out the knot and treat it like I’m joining another skein. Luckily, though, the yarn knotted on is pretty much the same as the old stuff.
I think more than one knot in a skein or more than one dye lot is unacceptable. You should totally write to Caron and let them know what happened.

Thanks so much for everybody’s feedback on this. I was just a little disappointed that I had two colors, the knot didn’t really bother me. Anyway, I did as some of you suggested and wrote to Caron. I’ll update if I hear anything back!

I had a knot in Lion Microspun, e-mailed them, and promptly received a new ball of yarn in the mail.

[COLOR=purple]I would definitely contact the company you purchased the yarn from. It doesn’t cost you anything to send them an email, and you may be surprised by what you get in return. I often contact companies when I am not 100% satisfied with a product I have purchased. I nearly always receive some sort of compensation, coupons, a replacement item, a refund check, you just never know. Even if they just tell you that you have to deal with those issues from their yarn, at least then you’ll know if you want to continue purchasing the yarn in question.[/COLOR]


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