Can we get someone to remove all posts by Sterha79?

Not really interested in trolling through porn, and no mods are on, so maybe someone would like to PM a mod later, in case i’m not around… :shrug:

Yes, please!

Double and triple please!

How uncalled for! :!!!:

quadruple please :grrr:

sorry, double-post

I’ve PMed a couple. Who knows which ones will login first though. :shrug:

Stoooooopid spammers! :!!!: :!!!: :!!!:

Kelly is on now, I am sure she will get it taken care of. :thumbsup:

What is wrong with these people? Like someone is going to come to a knitting website and say to themselves “gee, I wish there was porn on here too!”

Kelly’s working on it now.

Thanks, Kelly!!! :heart: :hug:

Some folks get an email when they get a PM, so it’s good to just hit a couple. I PM-ed Ingy and Kelly, and when KK responded, I deleted the one to Ingy. It was still in my outbox.

welllllllll some people might I suppose. It isn’t bad to be diversified really. I think, though, that if we were going to diversify it would be best to get into wine or chocolate…not so much with the porn. :teehee:

ohh, thats what it was? i was about to click on the link, but i just didnt for some reason. glad i didnt, i do not wanna b lookin at that crap.

plus, i was wondering why she had no replies to her topics.

Thank you KK!!! :muah: :hug: :muah: :hug: :muah:

yeah, my curiosity almost got the better of me too, but i resisted the urge… especially the one about Paris, lol.

Thanks Kelly, you are a legend :muah:


Just kidding. :teehee:

Umm, I was just looking through the forums and see a topic that reads ,“Wow how cool!” or something like that. So I opened it and there’s a link. I don’t normally read links because 99% of the time it’s just a bunch of mumbo-jumbo. So I make the mistake of clicking it and, WHAT THE HECk!!! I shouldn’t be seeing this!!! I’m a KID!!! I don’t want to be seeing this sort of stuff, especially coming from a KNITTING site!!!

Oh my! Dear, I am so sorry. Where is the post? I will remove it.

kelly zapped it quite a while ago.

Sweet! I mistook the “just looking” part as literally just looking, as in within a few minutes of Yeah’s post. :oops:

Sweet! I mistook the “just looking” part as literally just looking, as in within a few minutes of Yeah’s post. :oops:[/quote]