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Hi everyone, I decided to start a blog as I continue my knitting adventures :slight_smile: it seems like a fun thing to do :slight_smile: and maybe you guys could encourage me when I get frustrated :slight_smile: kk well bye for now!

Hi Caitlyn! The blog forum is fun, but it’s not a busy place so you’ll still need to ask questions in the proper forums to get answers quickly. Blogs are fun to just talk about what’s going on in your life and your knitting though! I have one somewhere on this page. Don’t keep up with it anymore, but it’s there. :teehee:

I saw yours, lol well I know about the questions part :slight_smile:

Oh I suppose you saw those right away if you have your KH set up to show the posts 1st one first. I have mine set up so the most recent post is the top one so I don’t see that unless I go to it. Forgot about it… :lol:

Well I had an interesting day today, had to rip back my dk scarf a few times and decided on a different yarn, missed 3 periods of class for a doctors appointment… not fun

Ripping back is good. it’s something we all get to do and I think it means you’re not content to just knit, you want things to also turn out the best they possibly can. Re-knitting always seems to go faster. I wonder if there’s ever been a study done on that?

I’m tired, and sick, but I’m ok, hopefully it’s just a stomach bug and nothing bigger. :slight_smile: I’m happy I got to hang out with a friend today but her aunt is being a real miser, being really mean to her

Who’s aunt is being mean to whom? :??

Does your friend live with her aunt?

My daughter has been feeling sick today as well. I am wondering if it has to do with the beginning of another school year.


sadly she does, I feel bad for her, today I’m really sore and my stomach is doing flips for some reason >.< I’m sad today :frowning:

What are you taking in school Caitlyn?

Does your friend go to school as well?

well this year I’m taking Chemistry, a computer class, english, algebra 2,U.S. history, another computer class, a cooking class, theater… hm I forget the last one

That’s already 8 periods… How on earth do you get it all done?

lol I only have five classes a semester, and one is all year but it’s shorter then the rest of my classes

Ohhhh okay. Whew! I thought maybe you had a time turner like Hermione in Harry Potter!

I wish xD

seems like a full load for sure

Well… today was certainty interesting had to help out around the house, break up a fight… all because my dad had to work… I don’t wanna do it again tomorrow :frowning:

Today I’m resting after my crazy, hetic day, only me and my sister are hear and a friend is coming to hang out with me :slight_smile: yay!