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Sounds like a pleasant Saturday! I’m hiding in my house in the a/c. It was 104.5 yesterday and 100 so far today. :zombie:

it’s nice and cool here in maryland, my dad is working with my little brother (thank god…) and all I have to do is keep the kitchen clean and do the laundry :slight_smile: my mom’s at work 2

Nice! Well, both those things should be fairly easy. Laundry can be done while you’re doing other stuff which is nice, too. :thumbsup:

I’m tempted to let my boyfriend come over but I don’t wanna get in more trouble then I already am :frowning:

Yeah, you don’t need to get in trouble. As rough as it is parents usually do have good reasons for what they do.

my parents don’t trust me at all, with no real reason either

Aww, I’m sorry. Maybe they’re scared for you. Whatever the problems are you don’t want to make it worse or give them reasons to feel that way. :hug:

xD I can be so bad but I don’t cause my mom works soooo hard :frowning: I feel bad

Well haven’t been on the forum for a few days, been trying to relax since my ipod got fixed but I’ve been so buzy

Understandable now that school has started. And yay you got your ipod fixed! :yay:

My daddy got it fixed for me! but… I have to pay him back but thats ok :slight_smile: