Braided hat pattern

I’m a new knitter (began in October), and very new to writing down my directions. I’m pretty sure these are accurate. Please let me know if you find an error.

Knit in the round on size 8 16-inch circular needles and DPNs for decreasing.

SKPO=slip, knit, pass slipped stitch over

Cast on a multiple of 11 stitches which is also an even number. (i believe the hat shown used 110, but beware that I knit very tightly. Normal knitters could easily get away with 88 stitches cast on. )

Work the band in 2x2 rib knit for about 1 inch. (You’ll notice my rib knit is 3x3. This was a mistake. Don’t do that. This hat also has a row of purled stitches. You can either do that or not. )

1st row: *P1,K9, P1, repeat from * to end
2nd row: same as for 1
3rd row: *P1, hold three stitches forward, K3, knit 3 from cable, K3, P1, repeat from, * to end
4th 5th 6th: same as row 1
7th row: *P1, K3, hold 3 stitches to back, K3, k3 from cable, P1, repeat from, * to end
8th row: same as row 1
Rows 1-8 form pattern. Repeat for desired length. (until hat covers ears and reaches the crown of your head.)

Decrease rows:
Work two rounds of: (p1,k9, p1) around.
Next round, decrease within each cable: P1, hold three stitches forward, K1 k2tog, from held stitches k1 k2tog, K1 skpo, P1, repeat from, *
Knit 2 rnds of: (p1, k6, p1) around.
Decrease round: (p1, k2tog, hold 2 stitches to back, k2tog, on held stitches, skpo, p1) around
Work one round of (p1, skpo, k1, p1)
Work one rnd: (p1, k2, p1) around.
Decrease rnd: (skpo, p2tog) around.
Last rnd: (k1, p1) around, cut yarn and pull through the remaining stitches
Sew a pompom on the top.

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Wow anise,

That is lovely!!!

That is a beautiful hat and I’d love to try it out! What kind of yarn would you recommend? How many skeins would it take?

anise the hat is just beautiful, great job. :smiley:

wow thanks you guys :slight_smile:

I used a Merino superwash–I like Mission Falls. Those skeins are something like 85 yards/skein and I used just less than 2 skeins I think.

Wow Anise! That’s gorgeous!!! I think I’ll put a link to it from the hat patterns page if you don’t mind!


of course i dont mind.

Oh, thank you so much :slight_smile:


You give me hope that I might be doing more than straight in a few months, that hat is wonderful, I’m really excited now, I just thought I would try knitting but now I’m hopeful, your making hats within months, great job.

Anise, I can’t believe you are a new knitter. I"m still intimidated to do cables but will be trying them soon and your beautiful hat has really inspired me to do it. Are you sure this isn’t a hard one?

I love it, esp the colour. It’s beautiful.


Well, you know, it’s hard to say if it’s “hard”. I didn’t think it was hard–you get into a rhythm with the pattern and there are no tricks or surprises. Once you get the hang of cabling it really isn’t so bad as long as you pay attention :slight_smile:

Thanks for the compliments. I’m glad I got the nerve to share the pattern :slight_smile:

Beautiful hat!

I’ve been looking for a really good warm hat to make for my brother, who is a pretty large guy. I’ll probably have to leave off the pompon, though!

Can you give us an idea of the gauge or the finished size, and also the specs for the yarn you used, so that the pattern can be adapted for an adult?


Umm…I’ll do my best :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t know anything about gauge to be honest with you. I don’t really know how to determine gauge.

I can tell you that I have a good size head and this hat fits me :slight_smile: (its big on my daughter–she was just my model).

I used a worsted weight wool yarn.

If you were to increase the number of cast-on stitches to the next workable size, it would be 132 stitches, which would probably work though it might be a bit roomy. I guess it depends on how close to the head you like your hat to be. Of course to combat this, you could do 132 stitches on size 7 or even 6 needles to get the right gauge. Similarly, you could do 110 stiches on size 9 needles. I wish I could be of more help with regards to that–it’s just not something I know much about. :doh:

If I lay the hat flat is measures about 10 inches across the bottom. I am also a very tight knitter.

Is that helpful to you at all? :thinking:

That’s very helpful – thanks!

It gives me a better idea of who the hat will fit, what yarn to try, and all that. I’ll go ahead and do some test swatches based on what you said, and I’m sure I can come up with a reasonable-sized hat.

Thanks again!

Hi Anise,
I love this pattern and started knitting it. I have a question tho…there are 3 ‘plain’ rows between front cable and back cable, but then only 2 plain rows between the back and the front one again. Is this the way its sposed to be??

Granny :XX:

I can’t wait to make this hat, I just printed out the instructions.
Right after I finish my 1) shrug 2) dh’s socks & 3) afghan.
Maybe before the afghan…

I never did cables so Ihope I can do it.

I’m not sure I understand your question.

BEAUTIFUL! :shock:

Granny, I don’t really understand your question either, but I did successfully make the hat from Anise’s instructions, so they do work out just fine.

Maybe it would be easier to think of the cable pattern as being 9 stitches wide, with one purl stitch on each side of the cable pattern, total = 11 stitches repeat. Alternatively, you could think 9 stitches of cable, 2 stitches of purl, 9 stitches of cable, 2 stitches of purl, etc., which also = 11 stitches repeat.

Anise, thanks again for such a nice pattern!