Braided hat pattern

I’m making this pattern too! I had a helluva time getting the right number of stiches (not used to using odd numbers) but when I figured out that it was a cable with 9 stiches with one purl on either side it made sense. I’ll show some picks when I’m done.

I’m so glad you guys like it!

I have to admit, it’s WEIRD to have other people using the pattern! It’s the first (And so far, only) pattern I’ve ever come up with. Makes me want to start knitting again after a much too long hiatus!

I’m not sure I understand your question.[/quote]

I understand because I am running into the same problem as GrannySox. You have the row starting p1 and you also have p1 at the end of each row. But with the number of cast-on stitches, at the very end of the row, one ends up with TWO p1s (and then another to start the next row) so there are THREE p1s at the back of the hat. Is it supposed to be like this?
Thanks, Jen

Hmm. I didn’t have that problem. You shouldn’t have that problem if you cast on a multiple of 11 per the instructions.

I did–I cast on 110 and have this same problem that GrannySox has.

AHA! I just figured out what’s wrong. To use a 2x2 rib, one needs to cast on a multiple of 4 stitches, which 110 is not.


You can! :thumbsup: I used this particular hat as example for the cables in the scarf I was making and they were no problem at all for me. Don’t be intimidated, just do it and you’ll see it’s not as difficult as it seems

Good luck!! :cheering:

Yes, that’s true, but that shouldn’t affect how your cables line up. It just messes up the 2x2 rib knit.

I just came across your hat…
I just LOVE it… It is soooooooooooooooooo Pretty!!!

this is beautiful!

Here’s some pictures of hats I made with this pattern

Oh I LOVE those hats… Are they from the 2006 knitting calendar???

Thank you so much for posting those pictures! They look fantastic!!

those look gorgeous!
could you please tell me how wide across the red hat is?[on the left]
and how many stitches you cast on?
i’m trying to make one myself but i’m not too sure about the sizing.
thank you feministmama =)

Lesse, The red one I cast on 77 stiches cuz I was knitting 4 st/inch (I think) and I wanted a 20 inch round hat. I forget what the measurments actually are knitted. I’ll go measure it and let you know.

Beautiful hat!

thanks! 20’’ around sounds perfect. i think i will try that. except how did you work the 2x2 ribbing with 77 stitches?

Hmmmm… :thinking: How did I do that? Lemme look more closely…

I would really love to knit a hat like this for my nephew who is only two years old. I will try to find out his head size. If you want to make the pattern smaller how would you go about doing it?

OK I did do k2p2 ribbing but the cables don’t all line up perfectly. I just didn’t care. But the cables al look good right?