Blanket pattern suggestions please

So glad we all could inspire you… Promise pictures later! Cheers!

Off topic but I love your dog! Is he/she a toy poodle? We rescued a toy poodle mix girl who is parti-coloured (black and white in her case).
On topic - love your pointy ended blanket, and the one with cables at the edges. Both really nice!


Yes, I sewed 6 panels together. It is a very soft and dense blanket. I made it with Bernat blanket yarn.

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It is a standard poodle weighing about 52 pounds. We also have a red miniature poodle and a rescued toy black poodle.


Ah, size can be deceptive in photos!

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Beth, your cream blanket is gorgeous! Did you use Bernat yarn? Your blanket doesn’t look quite the same as the pattern (I like yours better!) The pattern makes the stitches more raised and I like your softer looking pattern. Anyway, maybe it’s the yarn? Thanks, Jan

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Thanks so much, Jan! Yes, it’s Bernat Blanket Yarn. It doesn’t show stitches well, in my experience, so that’s probably why it looks softer to you. I was sick of working on it by the time I finished, of course.


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That’s funny Beth, I am sick of a blanket I’ve been working on that’s also cream in color. It’s worked in the Linen stitch. Looks great but I’m a beginner, slow, and get distracted easily! Sigh… I do love yours! Jan

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Linen stitch blanket!
You have all my admiration.

Ha! Save that for a finish! Nowhere near being done. I think I’ve got about a foot of length so far. Long way to go. Jan

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