Best tattoo ever

Who is this guy and is he taken? :heart:

Oh wait… I’M taken. :wink:

:shock: That can be your reward for quitting smoking!!! :roflhard:

WEll…as long as tats are being displayed; here’s one of mine…my left foot :wink:
Edit FYI…u can no longer see where ‘flying to knit’ has worn off (my son [tat artist] tells me that’s normal with putting socks & shoes on & off, wear & tear on the skin :wink: )

Sil…I think you picked the wrong soulmate!! :roflhard:


Funny how putting a skull into a picture can so dramatically change the vibe. :lol:

:roflhard: Where on earth did you find that, Silver??!!

LOL A friend emailed it to me. I think it’s awesome on him, but can’t help but envision it on an 80 year old gramma.

That would ROCK. :thumbsup:

Gee, ya’ll! I’m almost 56 years old, and I’ve always secretly wanted a tattoo!! My husband thinks they are “not for ladies!” Guess I won’t be getting one, but when we were at Nag’s Head,N.C. for a wedding the other week, a girl there (well she was 23) had the coolest tattoo right in the small of her back where you could see it if she wore a crop top and of course she did every chance she got, especially the night of the rehearsal, and after the wedding on the beach. It wasn’t just a "delicate, ladylike tatoo, either–it was a lot like the one on your avatar, Silver!! SOOO cool! She said it took 5 hours and cost her $350.00, but I really thought it was a cool thing. She’s studying to be a nurse…but boy that girl cannot hold her liquor!! She ended up tossing her cookies (after drinking rum the night before and beer) at the rehearsal party!! Then she passed out in her boyfriend’s truck, and both of them had to be in the wedding the next day!! Needless to say, they were both wearing sunglasses at , ah, in the wedding! Oh well, look at the knitting grandma who wants a tattoo. HAHA! :blush: Silly me. :oops:

I never ever…ever thought I would get a tattoo. I guess I was going through a mid life crisis. LOL.
I got mine on July 21st 2003 on the way home from a weeks vacation.
It was one of the best things I ever did.
Here it is:

Love it, Susie :smiley: !!
LOL, got my 1st one in 1999 :wink:

Love all the tats, everyone, esp. the Born to Knit. That is just amazing.

I have a couple myself - a butterfly and a turtle - nothing as edgy as a skull with knitting needles stuck through it! :smiley:

I started at age 21. I now have 4 and am still waiting to get 1 more.

I have 2 dove facing each other under a small heart on my ankle, a heart and flower with my DH’s name inside, a strange tribal thing on my calf (don’t know what it is, I just loved the pic the tat artist was doodling when I walked in :roflhard: ), and a humming bird on my neck with vines trailing down to my shoulder wrapping around my name (which btw the tat artist decided to spell “Apryl” for artistic sake).

The one I want is 2 sea horses (cartoony cute ones) facing each other with their tail interwining and then putting my son’s names by each one.

But that yarn scull thing is pretty cool :lol:

When I turned 40, I got my first tattoo for my birthday while visiting back east. It was done by a woman in Lewes, Deleware who had won best tattoo’d female in the whole wide world. Her entire leg was a huge jungle scene and very cool. Well, mine was a little butterfly on my ankle that took all of seven minutes!

I decided then, that wasn’t so bad, I’ll do this every year for my birthday! Well, the next year, off my husband and I went to the tattoo parlor…he was buying it for my present. I gave the man the picture I wanted…Winnie the Pooh w/a butterfly net chasing a butterly and had it put on my other ankle. This one took about two and a half hours and was some of the worse pain I have ever experienced…needless to say, I have missed my birthday tattoos the last seven years, but each time we go to Hawaii, I always say I am going to get a henna one on my foot…perhaps this December when we are there.

The skull and yarn between the boobs is a bit wild for my tastes, but it is interesting!


One of the girls in my knitting group got this a few weeks ago

Now THAT’s cool!!

great pic, Silver! :thumbsup:
nice tats. all of you! :inlove:
mine’s just a heart/thorns/banner on right shoulder where kemp’s friend has hers.

Oh man… that born to knit tattoo is awesome! :lol: I love the one Kemp posted too. very cool. I have 5 tattoos, but I only have a picture of two right now. They’re both on my upper back (and no, my name is not Dharma).

There has to be a correlation between the amount women knit and the number of tattoo’s they have. Maybe a facination with needles :smiley:

Love the ink :wink:
LOL…could be the fascination with needles, but I didn’t knit until after I got all of my tats…I mean…expect for the one on my foot (which took many, many hours bc there was a great deal of pain involved, but it’s the only one that has hurt a bit) where ‘flying to knit’ wore off :— !! My son has done 90% of my work & when he gets back in it…I have to have some type of knitting icon…I do so love the yarn with sticks in it :wink: …but I have many others in mind & he can do tattoo most anything :wink:

Liz, your dharma tattoo is GORGEOUS!!! Really really pretty.