Best tattoo ever

Thanks Margie! I follow the beliefs of Buddhism and that tattoo is allll about that. The Lotus flower is designed in the traditional style (very symetrical). I got the word Dharma and the flower done at seperate times.

:shock: UH UH!!! :shock:

[size=2]Im TERRIFIED of needles…the non-knitting kind, anyway![/size]

chicken :wink:

I want a tattoo have for a long time but that would mean I would have to volunteer for a needle to enter my body… so thats just not gonna happen… Lets just put it this way signed in for a c-section was nervous I was shaking the dr said don’t you trust me? I said umm yes I don’t worry about you I’ll be numb by then its him (points at the anstelogist ?sp) I’m terrified of!!! I can’t stand any kinda of needle like that!! :lol:




Now now, just because you like your interchangables… :stuck_out_tongue:

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