Bear in a bag

here he is, haven’t knitted for years - but just had to give this a go when I saw him, my step daughter wants one now too.

:heart: He’s so adorable !

Wow! :inlove:

:notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: Fabulous!!!

Looks just like the expensive bears you get in the department stores!

That was knitted???


I want one too!! :wink:

Lovely!! :cheering:

Would love to make several for gifts - do you mind sharing the pattern (or source?) Thank you!!


Wow - you KNIT that?? OMGosh - it looks like you bought it at a store. Great job. :cheering:

hi all,

thanks for your lovely comments. the yarn is eyelash wool and the producer of the pattern is coats crafts I bought it in the u.k for £9.99 sorry cannot give out pattern due to copyright laws.

This pattern is by Patons ref no PBNK13A using patons whisper dk in wicker 3 x 50 g balls 1 skein 5m anchor tapisserie wool 1 pair 3mm needles and a handmade with love label.

Next I will do pink I think.

here is a web site which has quite a lot of colours - they don’t ship outside europe though.

If you are really really struggling to get one, maybe I could purchase one on your behalf and send it airmail. If anyone is interested send me a p.m and I will look into the cost of postage and see if I can source the colour you want. :muah

It’s adorable! Not something I’d ever knit since I hate knitting with eyelash yarn, but he’s very sweet!

That is so cute!!! Where did u get the pattern from?

Very very sweat! :heart:

I love your bear! Do you know what it costs in U.S. currency?

That’s what i was going to say. :teehee:

That’s what i was going to say. :teehee:[/quote]

I’m with them!

I’ll say so too!! :woohoo: That is spectacular!! :balloons:

You know, this reminds me of my favorite bear I had as a very young girl. I lost it when I took it to school for show and tell. :verysad:

Are you sure you won’t make me one?? Pretty please?? :teehee:

hello again, the conversion for £ to $ is currently around $20.00

bought him from George Lee & Sons Ltd
24 Nolton St
Bridgend, CF31 1DU

01656 652 344

Oh. Wow.
That’s wonderful!