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I’m getting started on the ear flap cap now and some of this is so confusing to me. I hope you can help.

The screenshot will show you where I am. Now, do I just start a new cast on like a beginning project? How do I cast on 3 st, then K 15 from the first earflap? :?? Actually I only have one ear flap made.

I think I need somebody to draw me a picture of this!! LOL :wall:

You’re going to need the second earflap for the first round of the hat so make that and save the sts on a holder or a double pointed needle.
Yes, cast on 3sts as you do when starting a project but use the knit or cable cast on (not long tail). Knit those 3sts. The needle with the 3sts and the working yarn coming off the tip is in your right hand. Now take the holder with the first earflap in your left hand and knit the sts of the earflap from the holder.

To cast on the next set of sts, switch the needles in your hands so that the needle with the sts you just knit is in your left hand and cast on the required number of sts. Now switch the needles back so that the needle with the sts is in your right hand and knit the sts of the 2nd earflap off the holder.

Thank you so much for the help, but this may be the pattern that ends my short knitting endeavor. How can you knit 15 on a 3 stitch cast on?

You are very patient, but I can’t seem to grasp this part.

This is actually listed as an “easy” pattern!

First thing I’m going to do is start the ear flap over using one color since changing colors is just adding to the problem for me. :help:

This screen shot is a simple sketch, showing what is needed. I wish I could just make the cap and ear flaps and sew them together the normal way but they don’t show a way to make the cap as one piece, drat it.

The other screen shot is marked yellow at the part I can’t understand.

OK, the instructions are to
cast on 3sts, knit those 3sts
then continue by knitting 15 sts [I]from the first earflap[/I].
So the 15sts come after the 3 cast on sts and are from the 15 held sts of the earflap.

You could do these all as separate pieces but it’s part of the look that they be knit as one piece without seams. You can do it!

Yes, you will be attaching the 3 stitches to the ear flap. After you knit the 3 stitches stick your needle into a stitch on the right edge of the ear flap and knit and do that all the way across. Then you’ll knit some for the base of the at and then add the other flap.

Here’s some pictures of picking up stitches. It shows it horizontally, but it’s the same principle.

When I get both the ear flaps done (in solid yarn) I will see what happens. If cast on 3 and k3, then pick up the ear flap, that sounds doable, but how do I continue making stitches to the next ear flap? Oh well, I’ll send a screen shot when I get there

Thank you both for your help and patience.

I think you’d cast on. Probably use knit on or cable cast on.

One last post on the problem. I made both ear flaps and put them on holding needles. After 1 attempt to cast on 3 and knit 3 and continue knitting on the ear flap, I saw that that was not working. So I frogged it out and kept both ear flaps like they were. I believe they only way for me to complete this is to have it shown to me in person.

I really think with the instruction likes they are: Casting on out of nowhere and knitting with nothing to knit back to, this is impossible.

I may try to look up a knitting instructor I used to use way back years ago.

Thanks everybody.

In person would help, but see if this helps-

  • Start with new yarn not the one from the ear flap.
    -Cast on 3 and turn then knit those three stitches.
    -Take the ear flap with the needle and have it ready in your left hand.
    -With your right needle and the 3 stitches put yarn in back (for knitting) stick your right needle into the first stitch and knit it.
    -Then knit across the ear flap the same way.
    -Now you’re going to cast on x number of stitches
    -Turn your work so the just knitted stitches are in your left hand. -Using your right needle put it into the stitch and knit it then kind of twist it to put on the left needle. Repeat till you’ve cast on the number you need.

Here’s a video for the knitted cast on.

  • when you’re done turn your work so the first ear flap and cast on stitches are in your right hand
  • hold the second ear flap ready to knit in your left hand and knit into the first stitch as you did before then do each one.

I’m not sure what the rest of your pattern is, but maybe this helps?

Okay, here’s where I am. I asked the company that made the pattern for more info and got a response. It is attached. I also tried to knit it the way I understand it which is not right, I’m sure.

I keep reading the words “adding to the hat” but I don’t see where there is a hat to add to? :??

Please see what is wrong with the knitting swatch I am attaching.

Pauline, that’s exactly what the instructions meant by casting on 3, knitting them and then knitting the sts of the first earflap.
But, one question, the earflap has a total of 26sts instead of 15. Did you want to make it larger than the pattern calls for? If so, you would continue to knit the remaining earflap sts to the end of the earflap.

I’m glad to see the instructions have you doing what I posted. Whew!

Yes, your ear flap has more stitches than the pattern…or am I missing something?

Also… the cast on stitches between the flaps create the bottom edge of the hat. So you are adding them to the hat, but the hat just isn’t done yet. Many patterns for ear flap hats have you add the ear flaps after the hat is done so this is just another way of doing it.

Well I can’t believe I did that right. It seems so awkward. So if it doesn’t matter if my ear flaps are longer, I will keep on going. I don’t know how that happened. Where the pattern called for 15 stitches, I was thinking 15 rows and that’s where I got the extra rows. But I didn’t see anything about how many rows.

If you look at the hat picture, the front of the hat has about an 8 inch long edge in front where there are no flaps. I don’t see that in the pattern?? I guess when I get there, I’ll find out but don’t be surprised if I come back whining. lol :mrgreen:

Well, you got me there… Let’s wait for Salmonmac. The pattern looks odd to me where you should be casting on stitches. It doesn’t look like enough to me. Unfortunately I can’t find it on Ravelry to check for errata. I’m probably just reading it wrong though.

The longer earflaps may be fine. What concerns me is the extra width of the earflaps. If you keep them at the current width, you’ll also be increasing the circumference of the hat and you may not want that. Might be best to frog them back to 15sts.
Regardless, once you’ve knit all the earflap sts onto the right needle, you’ll again cast on sts for the front of the hat (14sts for the front) and then knit across the 2nd earflap.

I got those done, now 2nd row: Cast on 3 stitches again. Where do those 3 stitches go? Which end? It doesn’t say.

Salmonac, I was thinking the same thing about the cap width. So I think if I can get past this spot with the last new cast on (see above), I will start over and it will be so much easier now that I’ve been there! I’ll consider this one my test/learning cap.

Once you knit the 15sts of the second earflap, switch the needles in your hands and use the working yarn to cast on 3sts. That’ll put them at the end of the hat, after the 2nd earflap.
Then you will be on row 2: knit those same 3sts just cast on and continue back over the 2nd earflap, the 14 front sts, the first earflap and finally the initial 3 cast on sts that you pointed out in your photo.
ETA: or else, join the 3sts just cast on to the first 3sts and knit in the round. They do call this a “joining row”.

You will be our go-to expert for these earflap hats!

What messed me up was the cast on between flaps does not look like enough stitches. It seemed like there should be more, but I guess when you take the ear flaps into consideration it’s fine.

It looks like it works out to about 18+ inches around in stockinette, probably a bit larger in garter stitch. Of course that’s looking at the recommended gauge on this chunky yarn (11sts/4inches).

2nd row: Cast on 3 sts. K3 P13 K12 P13 K3, giving us 44 stitches. This is what the pattern says. I can do that, but I just don’t know which end to start this on.

Attached screenshot: If nothing else, I could always make a bra out of this! lol :roflhard: