Baby sun hat?

Does anyone know of a good knitting pattern for a baby sun hat? I’ve been looking with very little luck. :thinking:

Cute cute cute:

Miss Dashwood Hat

I agree that it’s incredibly cute, but I worry that it might be too warm. What do you think? Maybe I could try using another type of yarn?

Maybe, depending on where you live…It’s neat that you can button up the earflaps for when it’s cooler. But you’re right, probably not a summer hat per se, more like spring and fall. :smiley:

I’m currently in upstate NY and it can get quite hot here in the middle of summer. Hmm, maybe knit baby sunhats aren’t very practical as they’ll always end up being too warm–that could be the reason why patterns for them are hard to find. I could knit the dashing Miss Dashwood for spring and fall as you say. Besides, I’m moving to Iceland in July and this hat could come in handy there. I suppose I’d better get to work on the Dashwood soon so the baby can start using it now before it gets too hot. :XX:

Thanks for finding the pattern.

NP…I just started it this weekend. :XX:

That hat is darling! And anything with a reference to Jane Austen is a must-have! You have lucky babies.

are you just looking for something to keep the sun off baby’s head?

Yup, to keep the sun off her head and eyes. But it doesn’t hurt if it looks nice, too.

I LOVE that new knitty pattern, soooo cute! Let us know if you make it!

Square, I love your new avatar.
Julie, is yours new too? Tre classic.


Ok, I started this hat and then realized it’s not exactly a beginner project. :doh:

But I am pressing on! I’m halfway through the really hard part!!

I decided to scan whatever I’m knitting with (well, the major project in progress, anyway :wink: ) and use it as my avatar. That’s KnitPicks Andean Treasure, the lovely alpaca with which I’m knitting my hat. :smiley:

WHAT a GRAND idea!!! :thumbsup:

I would have to have seven different AVs if I did that… :shifty:

Here’s a new avatar for ya Kelly:

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OK - I need to know…how many people would rather look at a WEENIER WARMER than my happy smiley face??? :rofling:

Well, I did decide to make Miss Dashwood (and of course I can’t wait to see a pattern for Miss Woodhouse, not to mention “The Lizzie”). In fact, I started it last night and am now about to finish it (just need to bind off the second earflap and sew the stuff together). I had to spend a couple of hours in a car today and was smart enough to take my knitting with me, which is how I got a lot done (no, I wasn’t the one driving, in case someone is getting worried…).

The big excitement throughout the process was “will there be enough yarn?” I had one 50 g skein of this musty green Plymouth alpaca that had the perfect texture for this hat, so I felt I had to use it. The yarn lasted through the hat itself (whew), the ties, and almost for the earflaps. My solution: The uppermost rows of each earflap are knit with a different yarn (with a similar color). I figure this part of the earflap won’t be visible anyway as it will be inside the hat.

The casting on took forever, although it wasn’t really difficult. The bobbles were a bit tricky. I’m pretty happy with the result, but I think this green hat is just begging for a red or orange flower or two. I think I’ll try knitting a couple of flowers and put on it. So now I’m off to look for a flower pattern (hmm, or I suppose I’d better go to bed now and finish the hat tomorrow).

I cant wait to see a pic, Square!

[size=2]And, I totally forgot this thread was about baby hats…sorry for the sidetrack to WW’s![/size]

Me too!

I just got past the bobbles…thank goodness. That was really hairy. I didn’t have a crochet hook small enough to help me out with all those freakin’ k4tog etc…but from here on in, smooth sailing! I agree that alpaca seemed perfect for this hat!

My picot edge seems to be curling up though… :?? …so DH has taken to calling it my “Jughead hat.” :rollseyes:

Do you really want to know??? :eyebrow:

dunno, but i’ll feef it and use it as my avatar for a day or two! muwahahahaha.

If you can define FEEF for me, you can do whatcha like, darlin! :??