Baby GD in her latest hat

I was able to buy only one skein of this 100% wool yarn online from JoAnn Fabrics. They say it won’t felt. It is the palest yellow and oh so soft. I love it, but they say it is being discontinued,:sad:

DD said DGD had outgrown all the hats I have made her so I whipped one up. DD and DGD came to visit us last night and DD brought the hat. It was too big. So I took it apart and made this one with the head to refer to. :wink: DH took quite a few pictures.

The baby was three months old on Jan. 2 or 3 (oh, no, I have forgotten already:oops: ) and DD said they weighed her Tuesday and she was up to 9 pounds and 9 ounces at that time.

The little sweater is the Drops design I made for her before she was born. It was made with washable wool, but alas, it was not machine dryable. Uh-oh. She wore it until spit up on with the cuffs rolled up quite a bit. Now it fits. :lol: My DD loves it though and says it is even nicer felted. It is spit resistant,:lol: and very warm.

the baby is precious!! I adore that coat you made her. the hat is too cute as well

That is one of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen (after mine, of course ;)).

What a doll!! The hat is simply adorable on her! So too the sweater! What a sweet grandma you are!

Oh my gosh…that baby is adorable and I love the hat and sweater!

What a beautiful little cutie pie. She is adorable and looks divine in her hat. The sweater is beautiful :slight_smile:

[CENTER][B]How cute can you possibly get! [/B][/CENTER]
I love the little sweater, very pretty. And the hate is perfect!

What a sweet little thing…love the hat x

What an adorable DGD you have!!! The sweater and the hat are great too:teehee:

:inlove: what a cutie!! The hat and little sweater are cute too…great job :thumbsup:

:frowning: I can’t see a picture! Wah!!


awwww One of the best dressed babes in town. Soo precious.

How adorable all the way around!

Very pretty hat and coat and your GD is adorable.

Very cute! And the hat and sweater are great too :slight_smile:

She is so adorable and the jacket and hat are just too cute on her. Don’t you just love knitting for grandchildren?

What an adorable babe! She’s almost as cute as my DGD, and the hat is to die for.

What a sweet face! Makes you want to :muah: her! The hat is precious on her, too.

thanks for fixing the picture!

Your dgd (and dd) are beautiful, and I really love the little sweater and hat! I agree, felted is nice! :thumbsup:

Adorable grandbaby! I love the hat and sweater.