Baby GD in her latest hat

awww.she’s beautiful! so is the sweater and hat!

Can you tell me what the pattern is for the hat, please:happydance:


She is so cute! I love the hat and sweater!

Awww what a lovely picture of your daughter and grandaughter and the jacket and hat are very cute.

She is so adorable!!! Love the hat and sweater!

She is beautiful and so is your work! :hug:

Congrats on the munchkin, she is adorable. The hat and sweater look really nice too. Isn’t being a Gramma fun?

:thumbsup: Good work on the hat and sweater. Looks great on your adorable DGD.

what kind of yarn is it? i think i have a bunch of it in my stash

The aqua yarn for the sweater is Magic Garden Classic wash and wear baby 4 ply. The yellow I don’t know. I did, but I’ve used it up and thrown away all the information. On the Joann site there were some comments about the yarn. It said it was not billed as a washable wool for some reason, but folks who had bought it to felt had been disappointed because it didn’t. Others said it was basically washable but for some reason was not sold that way.

what a lovely photo of them. love the hat!!

Such a cutie pie! Great knitting too. I love the hat, It looks great on you G.D. The sweater is very pretty.

Beautiful baby! You compliment her well with the hat and jacket! She is lucky to have someone like you to knit for her! I just finished a similiar hat, great pattern I found online, love the cable working!
She is wrapped in love!

[SIZE=7]Just simply wonderful! :passedout:[/SIZE]

Hat, sweater, and baby are all so cute!