Attention all ILLINOIS Knitters!

We have been playing around this for weeks now on various theads. I thought maybe we could actually make some plans if we brought all of the conversations to one central location!

So Who is interested in getting together for an Illinois KH Knitting Party? or even a regular meeting group? Sounds like fun?

Where would we meet? Naperville so far sounds like a good area for the people who have so far expressed interest. Any other ideas?

When? A night during the week? A Saturday Afternoon? (No Sundays for me - Sundays are family days is a hard and fast rule in my house)

Weekday evenings are GREAT for me, as DH works & Im all lonesome anyway…Saturdays are fine, too, but not til mid-July, as it seems every friend we have is getting married this year!

I will offer Berwyn, also, as a mid-way spot between the west/south/north suburbs and the city of Chicago! (Yes, Hilde, if its a Friday night, you can sleep over. If its not a Friday, you can still sleep over, but be ready to get up at 6:00 am so I can go to work!)

I’m in!!! :cheering: :cheering:

I’m closest to Naperville but I don’t mind a roadtrip. Weekends are probably best for me but I could do a weeknight as long as it’s late enough for me to make it from work.

Are you thinking about having it at someone’s house? a coffee shop? a LYS?

I would love to participate. Maybe I need to move to Illinois??? Hmmm… husband, cat, home, work …

Hey, I’m not from Illinois, but live fairly close (2.5 hrs.). If it were occassionally on the weekend, I would be willing to drive there!

Where is everyone? I know a number of you said you were interested! Suzie? Julie? Hilde? Who else?

I’m close to the Westfield mall (used to be called Fox Valley mall) and Rt 59 & 75th but I am willing to drive wherever!

I’m close to Westfield too. So of course the Naperville/Fox Valley area sounds great to me. :thumbsup:

I’m in Hebron (on WI line). I would love to meet you guys :smiley: but probably a weekend or Fri night would work best. I’ve got a lot of vacation time planned throughout the summer, so I’ll just be on the lookout for your planned date and see what I can do!

Is anyone planning on going to the Stitches convention in Rosemont?

Wildforyarn – where exactly are you in WI? Maybe we could meet up and go together from this end! Are you by chance in the Necedah/Mauston area? (Just curious – our camper is in Necedah and it takes us approx. 3 hrs.) Maybe we could meet up one of these days in your area :smiley:


Oh, I didn’t see this thread the other day! Thanks, Vicki, for starting this. I’m in St. Charles, and the Naperville area would be great for me, too. I could probably make a week night – Thurs. are generally not good, though. Also, I might be able to make a Saturday morning or afternoon.

This is so exciting. I can’t wait to meet everyone!! I’m long overdue for a girls’ night out! :cheering:

I vote for a Saturday, since Naperville is a hike for me.
:slight_smile: kimmie

Kimmie –

Where will you be coming from??

When did they change the name of Fox Valley Mall? Boy … I need to get out more. :thinking:

I’d be coming from northeastern Illinois - by Wisconsin.

Wow - if you’re coming from that far away then we’d better do something fun. What does everyone think about downtown Naperville? There’s free parking and nice shops to visit. I’m not sure what their hours are but there’s a LYS called Kool Knits in that area too.

Oh! That would be fun: A trip to the LYS and then to a coffee shop or something. I can just imagine the chaos that would ensue with all of us descending on the yarn store at once! :happydance:

Just a thought…downtown Naperville + weekends = absolute freaking chaos. If we choose to go that route we need to have a plan, as it is a madhouse. Heck, you can’t even find parking on a Thursday night any more, let alone in the daytime. :wink:

OOOOH! And we could knit along the river walk!!! :cheering:

That would be cool!! We’ll have a knit in! Is there anything we can protest while we’re doing it?

Kool Knits and downtown naperville sounds good to me. Now we need to pick a weekend. A Saturday in July AFTER the 4th weekend works well for me.