Attention all ILLINOIS Knitters!

I’m in. I’m on summer vacation and aside from my mom viusiting (now) and my brother visiting (in july sometime ) I have nothing to do. anytime is good for me.

Let’s protest NOT knitting!

Here’s a link to the calender of events for Naperville in case this helps pick a day. Maybe there’s something happening in the area that we want to avoid or attend:

Kool Knits is on Jefferson street and they close “around 3:00”. I’m not kidding - that’s on their sign. It’s very frustrating when I get there at 2:45! I think there’s a Starbucks near there but I’m not sure, I’ll have to drive by to see what’s in the area that could be fun to knit at for a while.

Ok - I lied, Kool Knits in on Washington. I’m directionally challenged and my DH had to correct me.

I wish I lived closer!!! :doh: Maybe you guys should call Kool Knits and tell them what you are doing. Would they stay open later, offer “party” space, want to join you, etc. etc.

Holly, I am in Verona, which is a few miles outside of Madison. So, it is like 2.5 hours to Chicago. Where exactly are you? I am not sure how far Mauston is from here… an hour or so?

Someone else mentioned they were on the Illinois/Wisconsin border… where would that be?

Ok, I will be in the western suburbs for, oh, 12 hours on July 28th. From 9:00 pm til the next morning. I think you should schedule your little get together around me, don’t you? :rofling:

sigh I guess I’ll just have to be jealous. Oh, Kemp, I’ll be in Cincinnati later that weekend! If I didn’t have so much family stuff to do and had access to a car, I’d say we could have our own little knitting party. :XX:

:thinking: What are you doing way up here? Not quite enough north to escape the summer heat :slight_smile:

I’ll be at my cousin’s wedding (in West Chester, actually).

I took your advise and called. The lady I spoke with was absolutely wonderful! She said that free of charge we can sit and knit any time they are open in her shop. They just expanded and have a nice sized “classroom” that we could use. She only requested that I let her know once we set up a date just as a heads up. She also recommended not doing this July 9th since that’s the sidewalk sale and parking will be sparce. Their hours are 10-3 on Saturday.

How about Saturday, July 16th at around noon?

For those of you not familiar with Naperville, there are two FREE parking garages within walking distance of Kool Knits and all of the stores. If you need to Mapquest the store the address is 232 South Washington, Naperville, Illinois 60540

Suzie –

First of all, thank you for taking the initiative and calling the store!! Sounds like a great place!

Secondly, my family & I have tenative plans on the 16th. :frowning: Would anyone be opposed to waiting until the 23rd??? If the 16th works out best for everyone, perhaps you’ll have so much fun you’ll want to do this again, and I’ll catch up with everyone the next time around.

Looking forward to hearing what everyone else has going on …

July 23rd works for me.


Vunderbar! I hope it works for everyone else, too! I just sent a note to hubby @ work to make sure there’s not something I’ve forgotten about for that date! :pray:

I work on the 23rd. :crying: July is a bad month for me. Oh well, maybe if this one goes well, we will have another Illinois/Wisconsin gathering.

Any of the Wisconsin people game for a gathering in late August/early September?

I am all of 10 minutes from Westchester!!!

I have a wedding that day, but I think the 23rd is free!! :cheering: :cheering:

I can’t make it on the 23rd, but I know you all will have fun and hopefully we can do it again sometime.

The 23rd is good for me :cheering:

The 23rd is the day I leave on my 2 week vacation, so I’ll miss the first get-together …but I’m sure there will be more!!

Wildforyarn – I’m definately up for a late Aug./early Sept meeting. I’m just hitting mapquest to figure out where I am in relation to Verona!

Back from Mapquest – It looks like Janesville might be right in the middle …what do you think? Are there any other IL/WI people that are in the vicinity of Janesville? I appear to be 98 miles from Verona (from my house), and 88 miles from my camper. Janesville is approx. 45 min to an hr from my home.

Hmmm…something to think about!


So far we have 4 confirmed:


:cheering: :XX: :cheering:

Any other takers for our “sit and knit” & possibly later “drink coffee & shop” session?

(We’ll definitely have to do this again in other locations.)

[color=blue]Can you all come to Maine? lol… [/color] :cheering: