At last! The ongoing project of 5 years is complete! UPDATE: Pictures

:woot: Guess what my parents brought me home last night? :smiley: A Shep. A Shep the Sheep actaully (A joke - sheep bothers me. It’s both plural and singular, so NOW… a single is a Shep and plural is Sheep).

:woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:

I am so happy!!! We aren’t quite sure what breed he is, but he has such soft fuzz! He’s about 8 months old they think (rescued animal and then puppy for lamb trade). He’s never been shorn… My mom’s best friend is going to teach me how to do that.

I am soooo excited!!

(Twas slightly humorous… Mom and Dad were play (fake) betting each other what I would say when I saw Shep. Mom said “Look at how much yarn that is!!!” “Look at the staple length!” “Do you see all those gloves?!?” “do you feel how silky soft he is?” :roflhard: And Dad said, “The first thing she says is going to be about the fleece.” So when they pulled in the drive way, I ran up to them and started undoing straps and tie downs to get his cage open. I saw him and pulled him out of the cage… (Oh, he is a bottle baby and SO friendly!!! :D) and I just stood there, staring for a moment. LOL It was a “oh wow” moment. At which point I started rubbing his fur, nay, my fiber evil laugh and thought to myself “What a beautiful sheep! What a GORGEOUS fleece!!” I guess I repeated the last part again because dad just started laughing. When I got him out in the barn and finally stopped touching him, I went inside (please note that it was 28* last night with a wind that knocked you around. And mom was kinda mad cuz I was out there in a thin sweater… And um, I didn’t have a hat or gloves on… :shifty: ) and mom started cracking up, and listing all the things I had thought or said, and all of them were true except the staple length. But I :aww: have to admit I did try to figure out how you could measure staple length without removing any fuzz. LOL Oh yeah, he is this gorgeous cream white!! His face is brown/black but the rest of his body is creamy white. :smiley:

And now you have heard more than you EVER wanted to know about Shep. :smiley:

Congrats on your new pet sheep! Or how about… sheeplet? lol.

I’ve thought about getting one myself, if only for the lawn-mowing potential. Maybe later on.

So glad you love your little sheplet! Enjoy and let us know how it is working with your new pet’s wool.

Again, congratulations.


So glad you love your little sheplet! Enjoy and let us know how it is working with your new pet’s wool.

LOL Yeah, I will! I am going to take pictures soon. :smiley: I’ll post them on here.

How totally exciting! I always wanted one from the time a neighbor’s daughter had one for a 4H project. His name was Henry and oh how soft he was. I envy you and YES, please post photos!


That’s really cool !
Please post pictures and let us know when you sheer him how it goes. I guess I’m kind of a lazy knitter. I love my animal fibers, but prefer to buy mine from the farm already in hanks. I have soooo many hobbies I would have to move the hubby out to move the spinning wheel etc in.

Enjoy the new Sheepy.

Isn’t he cute?!?! :smiley:

Yes, he is! Thanks for sharing these photos!

:smiley: You are welcome!!


He’s GORGEOUS !!:cheering: :woohoo: :woot: :yay: :happydance:

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]I used to hang around with goats a lot when I was a kid. I’ve never seen a sheep up close so I envy you your lovely fellow!
Sweet and useful in so many ways!
TEMA:woohoo: [/COLOR]

Thanks everyone!!!

TEMA, I have 4 goats of my own. :slight_smile: All togather my family has 7 goats. None are angora unfortanatly… LOL I also have a sweet part angora bunny and a lion head, in which I am attempting to make a better fuzz bunny. :smiley:

Does anyone have any idea what kind he might be?

Looks like a “Mittensus Sweatorius” to me! :roflhard: or maybe a “Longfleeceus Knitorius” or…

He’s whatever YOU say he is! What a great acquisition for your stash! Although most of us don’t have to feed and water items in our stashes, we also don’t get to have such a cute “shep” around either.

So enjoy, and thanks for sharing the pics and story!

Happy knitting!

Ruthie :waving:

What a cutie!!! Congrats on your new sheep. I can only imagine how excited you were when you got him. Love the pics’

Keep us posted on how it all goes. Congrats again

:roflhard: @ Ruthie!!! :teehee:

Thanks Teachermom!

Awww he’s very sweet looking! :slight_smile:


Oh he’s adorable! :heart: I’m glad to hear he will have a good home. sounds like the first part of his life was rough.

We had 4 goats total, all passed now. I miss those sweet faces.
Have fun with Shep.:slight_smile: