At last! The ongoing project of 5 years is complete! UPDATE: Pictures

So TF, is it now “all we like Shep have gone astray?”:wink:

He is a cutie!

BTW, I did get your PM, but this is the first time in weeks my computer has done more than one post. It wasn’t ‘fiber fur’ but a bunch of dog hair somehow got into our computer and messed things up. (The Geek actually glared at us!) I’ll get to all the PM’s and stuff soon.

Thanks everyone!!! :smiley:

:yay: what a cutie!

How sweet he looks :slight_smile: Congratulations!!! Have fun with the fleece :cheering:

I keep telling my BF that when we get land I want alpacas :roflhard: I’m going BIG!!! He just rolls his eyes, but every once in a while I e-mail him a pic of an alpaca with just the word ALPACA in the body of the e-mail. Its become our little joke, but what he doesn’t realize is that I am serious about getting some animal as both pet and stash enhancer. This is just my way of acclimatizing him to the idea. I mean once he sees the price of just 1 alpaca (and you really need at least a pair) he’ll be more than happy to get me a sheep right??? :angelgrin:

He’s gorgeous!

I’ve owned goats for the last 17 years and sheep for 2. I’m not an expert but I’d guess he’s probably has Hampshire or Suffolk in him. Both are very large breeds. Rams can be close to 300 lb.

What breeds of goats do you have?

So, does Shep count as your first…



(I know, Shep isn’t a goat.) :roll:

Newbies and Boers. We have had Manchas, Alpine, Nigerian dwarfs and Toggs too though. I think we are bringing home another boer and a togg next month sometime. And 3 of our does are expecting. Last time one was expecting, I was home alone (everyone else was 3 1/2 hours away in MO, I was in KC) and had to pull the kids. LOL And then I was in denial for a LOONNNNGG time. - If they are boys, they are lunch. If they are girls, we keep them. LOL - twins, both boys.

Um, :teehee: with a daddy who’s an ex Marine, I hope not!! :out: I have a few more years and something called “marriage” before that. :wink: LOL Actaully my first “kid” was the two described before. LOL