Are you a Costco shopper?

Several articles have been written lately on if it’s wise to shop at Costco and Sam’s Club. I LOVE Costco!

1.The pharmacy is the best. They’ll bend over backwards to help you out, any way they can. Sadly, they know me by name.:aww:
2. You can take your kids there for a ‘free’ lunch. Just let them fill up on samples.
3.The hot dog or sausage and a drink are still the best deal in town at $1.50. The pizza is wonderful, and you can bake your own or buy it baked from the ‘cafe’. (OK, it’s not Mario’s or your favorite neighborhood place, but this is Oregon, and it’s good pizza.)
4.I saved $260.00 on some book shelves for my living room. We bought two the first time, and look forward to buying two more soon. Saw the same thing at another store and almost fainted at the cost there.
5.The food they sell is of consistently good quality.

I could go on, anyone else have a different take on Costco or Sams?

My husband and I shop at Costco whenever we’re in Plano (Plano is the closest one to us), and we like it. He loves thier coffee. The roast the beans right there in the store, and it smells great. We also bought storage bins for my yarn stash at a good price. We love the non-fat yogurt berry sundae. Yum! We got several of our appliances there.

I forgot the coffee! Like to grind our own beans, but we buy them there. And I agree 100% about the berry sundae, they are so good, and it’s fun to split one with my DGD.

The berry sundae is awsome. It tastes like it’s made with real berrys instead of the sugary syrupy stuff. It still has so tartness to it.

Costco by a long-shot. Sam’s Club, here in the Dallas Metroplex we are right now, versus, the newer Costco? No comparison. We had problems, for the beginning with Sam’s Club, even in Albuquerque, but never with Costco. A better selection, I am not certain about price; however the really ‘good’ meat selection at Costco cannot be beat. Well, that is INMHO.

We have a Sam’s membership - before we switched the dogs to a “whole” food we found dog food and bones where much cheaper there. We get tires, milk, OJ and a few other things there. There are some things they really aren’t cheaper on and some things they are cheaper. While wedding planning we did find their restaurant section very helpful - we were able to buy polyester tablecloths cheaper than the caterer or reception hall were going to rent them to us for (and both of them bought them at Sam’s too !). We washed them and then sold them to another bride.

I wish we had a Costco. When I spent a summer with my aunt in Alaska I loved going to Costco. All we have here is a Sam’s. Even at the age of 17 which is what I was ages ago while I was in Alaska I could tell a huge difference in the two companies. Having said that though since we don’t have a choice here I can’t live without Sam’s especially for reasons 2 and 3 on Debkcs’ list. It’s also the cheapest gas in town.

I loooove my Costco’s. My husband has a business and got a Sam’s card and one for me. I used it once and couldn’t find a lot of the stuff I buy at Costco’s, so I haven’t ever used it again.

I love their wine selection and their fresh flowers; you can do a shower with flowers everywhere and they are sooo affordable.

I love Costco! They have good prices on chicken and salmon, too! What kind of coffee is it you like? I haven’t bought it there before. I buy decaf and reg and mix them though so if it’s in giant containers it might not be the best for me as it might get old before I could use it up.

It’s Seattle Mountain coffee beans, and it comes in 40oz bags. My husband likes the columbian supremo flavor. I’m not a coffee drinker myself, but I love the way it smells. We pour some into our airtight coffee canister, then reseal and store the rest in the freezer. I think they sell de-caf too. Like I said, I don’t drink coffee, but DH loves it.

I just got a membership about 2 weeks ago and haven’t really explored Costco yet. I can’t wait after reading these posts!! I have a membership to Sam’s, but when we moved to PA from OH, the nearest Sam’s Club was close to 45 minutes drive. With the gas prices, I opted to get a Costco membership which is 5 minutes away!

We have a Sam’s membership mainly for the cheapo gas. I think I’m going to investigate a Costco membership also as we have both really close to us. So far, I can take or leave Sam’s, I love their outdoor section though, they have some great patio stuff.

In case those of you who aren’t ‘members’ yet don’t know, you can get a guest pass at Costco, to check it out.

Some other things about them:

1.They have a membership that costs $100.00 a year, but with all that we buy, including the very expensive prescriptions that my DH is on for MS, we get $500.00 back a year. Very worthwhile for us, you might want to check it out for your family.

  1. Someone mentioned the flowers, they stay fresher longer than even flowers from florists do. You get a little pack of stuff to put in the water,it really helps.

  2. If you’re an omnivore, do check out the meats. We buy the large packages and either freeze it or in the case of steaks, split the package with a family member. (We think freezing steaks makes them tough.)

  3. Developing pictures is ridiculously inexpensive. Great quality and if you want enlargements they do a great job.

  4. I mentioned the pharmacy a couple of times because I can’t speak highly enough about them. They have a program like Wal-marts, but several of my meds are well under $4.00 for a month.

They should give me a t-shirt that says “Costco’s #1 Fan!”

love, love, love Costco - I had just finished an online order right before coming here. I always buy my tires from them a lot of my books.

FYI for those deciding between Costco and Sams club, Costco has a better reputation in regard to paying and treating their employees well, they offer health insurance, and have lower turnover rates.

I got a membership three weeks ago, but I haven’t used it to make a purchase yet. I wish we had the gas station here, but I saw lots of things I’m interested in which will have to wait until I finish unpacking & organizing what I have.

Hmm… a Costco guest pass… Maybe dh and I will go check it out this weekend. I figured the yearly membership would be about $100, but I didn’t want to pay that until I knew that I would like it. The nearest one is all the way in Plano so I want to make sure it’s worth the drive.

I too am a huge Costco fan, to the point we bought some stock in the company.
I have an Executive membership, but now that I no longer operate my business I don’t earn back the entire fee, but enough to make it comparable with a regular member fee.
They also have some great buys on their website and I shop both. I love their meat and produce. They have gotten much better about packaging sizes as well. There is just hubby and I and we can’t use large containers of perishable items so the new 6 and 8 packs of standard can sizes is great.
I buy a lot of Kirkland items as I find the quality great. I also love their great return policy. I can buy something on spec and know there will be no hassle returning if it’s not what I need after all.
I definitely trust the quality of the goods they sell.

Another fan here! The Kirtland brand is good quality and value. I’m a household of one, so I obviously don’t buy a lot of things in bulk. The closest Costco to me is not really convenient, so I didn’t keep up my membership. When I go to San Antonio to see my sisters, we always make a trip so I can get the things I do want and I can shop and share with my sisters. I think one of my favorite things is that I can buy a case of soy milk (that doesn’t have to be refrigerated until opened) for much cheaper than the grocery store, it has a long shelf life and it lasts me for about 6 months. I thought the regular membership was more like $50? For those of us who wouldn’t spend enough to get the “rebate” (or whatever they call it), that may be a better bet. And the coffee…love it, too. Put it in the freezer to keep it fresh, you can also vacum pack it if you have one of those machines. And one more thing…the people who work there just make it a better experience than Sam’s. They opened a new Sam’s a couple years ago right off base but I just can’t bring myself to buy a membership. I went in to check it out once…and the employees are just not as courteous.

I :heart: Costco!

The $50 annual membership fee pays for itself and then some even though I live alone and purchase only for myself. One Costco membership comes with 2 cards so you could even split the cost with a friend if you’re single.

Things that save me tons of $:

Contacts lenses through Costco’s optometry center (I go to my own eye doctor for my checkups and prescriptions and give Costco a copy of my Rx)

Contact lens solution

Printer Ink

Kirkland brand Lactaid - Less than $15 including tax for a 150 count box. Lactaid brand is $15 for a 60 count box at Walgreens/local pharmacy

Refill toothbrush heads for my Oral B electric toothbrush

Toilet Paper

Books - I always feel guilty buying fiction since I could just get it from my library, but I don’t feel as bad buying a ‘treat’ book for myself when I go to Costco since it’s discounted.

I love Costco! I got my tires there. All there tires come with free rotating for life and a great warranty. Just on the tires I saved over my membership fee.