Anyone in the UK? Anywhere?


Anyone here in the UK?

If so where are you and do you live near any good yarn/equipment shops? :teehee:

Yup! I’m in N. Cornwall and my nearest decent LYS is just a hop and skip away in W. Devon.

London here :slight_smile: Welcome to =D

Thanks Mulene - are there any good shops in the London area?

I travel that way a couple of times a year usually so that would be doable.
I live in south wales and there are a couple of market stalls but they only sell small amounts of boring yarn. :pout:

The n’interweb is great but not touchyfeely enough for me.

Hi! I’m in London. I haven’t been knitting for long so don’t know too many places to buy yarn, but John Lewis and Liberty, both in the centre of town, have good wool departments (John Lewis less so, lately).

I also got a good tip about a wool shop in Notting Hill lately.

Apart from that, I don’t know any other places to buy decent wool, other than my local market in Fulham but that wool is super-cheap DK in boring colours!

Does anyone have any tips on other shops?

Also, does anyone go to the big stitch and bitch club, the one with the website and email newsletter etc? I’ve always been too shy to go by myself!


OK there are a few good shops in London.

First, forget about Liberty’s - I was wholly disappointed with the knitting department - it has shrunk hugely!

John Lewis - Oxford Street - big and they have moved to an upper floor (4th I think) and expanded.

Loop - Islington. Very very good but a bit pricey IMO - it is rather trendy

Creations - Barnes
Creations - Chiswick

These two shops are owned by Jean and she is brilliant. She is extremely helpful; as are her staff. They will open at off hours if you need them and they know who you are. Jean does a lot of knitting for Cancer Research UK - bags are her thing. My first felted bag I gave to Jean to sell for Cancer Research at her Dorset knit group/.

Stash Yarns - Putney. This is a recently opened store run by two women who ran the South West London Stitch N Bitch group. They decided to open a store themselves. I’ve not yet been to the shop but I have heard good things about it.

I heard about a shop in Notting Hill - its down the back and is actually a haberdashers. Its near Monsoon (opposite it actually) the 328 bus goes past it. I’ve not been in there but have seen it from the bus - hard to see in but have been tempted to leap off the bus and be late for work just so I could have a look. One day I will =D

Howdy! I’m an American living in the UK – in Northern Ireland. I moved here four and a half years ago, skipped about the place a bit, but I’m now settled in a rural community outside of the village of Gortin in Western Co Tyrone.

living in Belfast at the moment, sometimes work means moving all over the place though

Good to see someone else in Norn Iron. I live out near Omagh, work in Belfast, but like you travel around for work.
Dig up anything interesting lately?

not really doing post-medieval at the minute - doesn’t interest me that much - I live in a Victorian house so I prefer the archeaology to be older than the place I live! Belfast is mostly Victorian so any dig in the city is likely to be of that period!!

I’ve only participated in a dig once – L’Abbey de Hamage near Douai in Northern France – attempting to determine the nature of monasticism prior to the imposition of the Benedictine Rule. It was my undergrad internship. It was a great six weeks. I wish it could have been longer. Thought I’d never be clean again, but two weeks on the beaches of Croatia was the perfect wind down.

sounds far more interesting than what I’m doing - also less cold although the past two winters have been surprisingly mild!

So what are you working on?
I enjoyed “doing archaeology” and have often thought about arranging a working holiday as a dig volunteer.

Have you thougth about joining the Ulster Archaeological Society. Most commercially run summer digs charge volunteers but teh UAS sometimes help Queen’s on their training digs and it’s a good starting point for info and also for training.
I am working in Belfast city centre on the new shopping centre project - just layers no features as we are doing a small piece at a time - nothing to interesting

Did you go? I forgot about it until I saw it on the news tonight but I couldn’t have gone anyway as I am working in Coleraine and don’t get home til after 6, It’s on again tomorrow though so I might drag myself out of bed!

No, I didn’t manage to go.
I’m no longer working in Belfast and am currently spending all my time getting ready for two events: my mother’s month-long visit starting in two weeks and my wedding on 12 May.
But, hey, I managed to finish knitting my mother a pair of bed socks for her visit.

I never actually made it, I was meeting my boyfriend in town and he refused to go as the thought of needle crafts didn’t enthuse him! We went and watched the grand national instead - didn’t win though!

hello im a UK knitter in Stoke-on-Trent at rhe moment maybe moving somewhere else iin the summer (possibly over to N Ireland actually).
My BF is from Bangor, and while i was there i notices somthign which might be an LYS near the bus station. have either of you too ever been there or of you ever do find yourself in bangor, would you be able to find out for me?

interesting you mention archaelogy, im off on my first dig next month in the Philippines, im very exited but have no idea what to expect!

The Yellow pages (online) has this listed
The Wool Shop
4, Railway Court, Bangor, County Down BT20 3BU
list of wool shops in Northern Ireland

Yellow pages

archaeology wise expect to get dirty and tired! depends on the project really, but it’s a physical job and many people are surprised by that