Anyone a fan of Aerobeds?

My parents are coming for a visit this summer and we have a [SIZE=1]teeny tiny[/SIZE] apt, so we can’t buy a bed and DH thought of this aerobed. I see it everywhere and looked on QVC’s review page and they didn’t have too much good to say about them so I thought I’d ask a different demographic.

DH and I will be using this since I can’t very well put my parents in the tiny room. Or can I? :think: I’m kidding.:teehee:

Does weight play a factor?? We’re not obese by any means but DH is a stocky guy and I’ve put on a pound or 20 in the last couple of years (I’m working on that with Ms. Leslie Sansone, thank you very much!! :wink: ) so I’m hoping by June the extra pounds will be gone. :pray:

I ramble terribly, sorry. I tend to do that cause my memory isn’t as good as it once was before that darn Topamax for my migraines. So if I think of something I say it or it’ll be gone and I’ll never remember. :???:

So does anyone have any suggestions?? Yes, no?

We bought one last fall at Costco. It is a queen size and it is the one that looks like two mattress together. I paid $130.00. My Mom (age 87) slept on it for almost 2 weeks and said it was great. DS has used it and so have his friends. Everyone said it is really comfy. None of them are really big guys, tall but of average weight. So we have been really happy with it. No room for an extra bed in our house, so it was the perfect solution.

My in laws have one as an extra guest bed. My brother in law says it is very comfortable. And it is easy to set up and collapse.

We have one that my sister sleeps on when she visits. She really likes it. We have the basic one that is just a mattress . I love how quickly it sets up and that it automatically refills itself during the night if it gets low. The only complaint I have ever gotten is that is feels weird to be that close to the ground when sleeping. That was my brother who used to be big on camping .I am pretty confused by the comment. I am sure the Aero bed is much higher than a sleeping bag on the ground

We bought an Eddie Bauer one from Target and it seems to be fine. I haven’t slept on it, but my daughter says it’s okay.

We have three of them… two twins and a queen. They’re the sporting models (for camping) but I take one with me when I stay at my sisters as she doesn’t have a guest room. I always sleep pretty well on it… although nothing is a good as my own bed. :wink: DH and I have slept on it together, and I’ve had guests use it several times. No one ever complains!

My brother has one for when guests come that he bought specifically for me (well for my visit and I am kind enough to let others use it too! :wink: ) and I thought it worked great. I am pretty sure they can make it as firm or as soft as they would like too. He used it on their futon for the mattress instead of the regular cwappy futon mattress. I don’t know if he has had any problem with it since, but I didn’t have any troubles with it. :shrug:

Oh yeah… and if two people are sleeping on it, it needs to be kept pretty firm, or they will both roll towards the middle and have to cuddle. :wink: That’s one reason DH and I like ours so. It’s very cozy. grin

covering my eyes :teehee:

I sleep on one when I visit my parents. I like it for the most part, but sometimes it does need a little bit of a pump up, or even one person starts rolling to the middle!

Wow, I’m really surprised at all the positive replies. I looked them up on Amazon and am just not certain which to get. Some of those reviews are all over the place.

Thank you everyone, you have not helped me in the least. :wink: :teehee: I’m more confused than ever!!

That was a joke for those who are of the more serious lifestyle.

I think maybe I’ll go with the one that’s cheapest that way if it breaks then I won’t be losing out too much cash. Some of those beds are over $200! :noway:

Good plan. Yeah, they can be expensive. We bought ours with our credit card points… the three of them were 26,000 points! LOL

my mom had one that she got a pretty good deal on. My husband and I slept on it for 2-3 nights in a row, about 4 or 5 times, so a total of about 10-15 nights I’d say. Then one time we went to use it, and it wouldn’t hold air anymore. It was ok while it worked, but not my favorite place to sleep by far. It was hard to move around on. It was comfortable when I was just laying there, but then I would need to roll over, and I couldn’t easily. That meant that every time I rolled over during the night, I would have to wake up more to do it. I usually sleep through the night in my own bed at home. I don’t know if I would recommend one, but I guess it is better than sleeping on the floor.

I bought mine at costco and it lasted a few years with nightly use. (and I was tended to walk on it since it was on the floor:aww: )

I also bought some extras at Kohls, they occasionally stock them and put them on sale, sometimes 50% off

the aero beds are comfy… a lot of people in our tribe use them (i sleep in our van… flip the middle seat forward, rear seat reclines backward, just like sleeping in a recliner!). I have an air mattress (30 dollar walmart type) that my sgd sleeps on when she’s here (she’s almost 4) but the kids don’t overly care for it.

I have one, and I love it. I take it with me whenever I visit relatives who don’t have guestbeds, or who don’t have comfy guestbeds. hehe. I’m a big gal, and I have one of the double ones that’s elevated. This is so much better for me because, being big, any time I’ve slept on the regular one, I end up on the floor by morning. I don’t know if my weight displaces the air or what, but on the elevated one, even though you lose air you don’t end up on the floor. You just sink down a little bit. It’s kind of like sleeping in a big, comfy hammock, only you can actually move around. It’s a lot easier to get up off of them in the morning, too, because they’re higher off the ground. They’re so easy to set up, too, and I think now you can buy ones that have the pump built in and all you do is push a button. I would definitely recommend them.

We have a sofa bed that is the most uncomfortable thing in the world. Every time my parents come to visit they hated sleeping on it. I had surgery this past summer and my parents came up to help me out so I bought an Aerobed for them to sleep on instead. They said it was really comfortable. I bought the raised one… it was not cheap but it was worth every penny so my parents were comfortable for the 2 weeks that they were here.

OMG!! I forgot about Kohls!! And just when the holiday sales are over. :!!!: I’m an idiot. :doh:

I think you will find the best price at Costco (or Tuesday Morning). I feel that Kohls marks up their “regular” prices and their “sales” are more like average retail pricing.

Also check Linens N Things and Bed Bath & beyond-- you can use a 20% off coupon at either of those stores.

We love the aerobed! We have the queen. I paid $100 for it at Tuesday Morning.


I just checked the Costco website and they have the raised queen for $124.