Any other knitters under 30?

This is for all those under 30 or so… am I the only one that gets mercilessly picked on by my friends when I mention that I knit?? I have no one to talk to about my knitting classes, SEX (Stash enrichment expeditions), cool projects, etc. because I am the only one I know under 30 that knits (I am 27). Anyone elses friends or family give funny looks or think it is weird that they knit?? Am I the only one??


I’m 25, and the first time I ever mentioned it my girlfriend laughed at me :rollseyes: Oh well, I love it, people don’t know what they are missing!!


I’m 28, but I don’t get wierd looks. Or at least I don’t notice them. Or maybe they know they’ll get some attitude if they criticize my hobby.

Them: You knit?!
Beld: You go out in public like that??

I get a lot of support. My mom and my good friend both knit, my hubby is extremely supportive and proud to wear anything that I knit him, and my brother tolerates “some” knitting topics (more of the fashionable side, not the technical stuff). Of course, I also have my great knitting community here at

I am. My friends all think it is awesome and are begging me to either teach them or make them something :thumbsup:

I’ve never gotten any funny reactions until today. I was knitting on my lunch break. A male co-worker commented that knitting was for little old ladies! :thinking:

I [color=blue]think[/color] he meant it jokingly. :?? But then I realized that I didn’t care if he did or not… and I kept on knitting! xxx

I’m under 30 … 25 to be exact! No one teases me, but I don’t know anyone else who does it! But I don’t really talk about it a lot with other people either, so it doesn’t come up a lot maybe?
I do have a lot of poeple who think it’s neat that I knit! And this Christmas we were all at the family party … 3 people had portable DVD players, one was listening to a portable CD player, 2 people were playing on their PDA’s and several kids had portable gaming systems with them … and there I was … knitting away! My aunt pointed it out and we got a good laugh about it :wink:

some of my guy-friends try to give me a hard time about knitting. But all the women I’ve told (or who have seen the stuff I’ve made) are impressed. And I’ve got a few requesting lessons so they can make stuff too.

I went to a knitting group last week (that I found through, and most of the group was older… hopefully some younger ladies will join too :slight_smile:

lol, everyone i tell go “really?” and then they see what im knitting and say “ooh can you make me one?” and “how do you do that? can you teach me?”

*edit - EVEN guys. *

It’s flattering…and im a horrible business woman…So I really dont get any money if i make something for someone.

Oh yah and in home ec, this guy calls me “grandma” but hes just joking around. he said his grandma used to do it.

All of my knitty friends and I are under 30. Okay, one is 31, but we won’t tell her we know her real age. Anywho, I get wierd looks from the kids at school who think knitting is for grandmas, but then I get a lot more “You are the coolest teacher EVER” and “WOW you know how to do EVERYTHING!!!” which would be true regardless of me knowing how to knit :wink: I’ve taught a few kids… all girls, but the boys like to watch me knit, sometimes, so that’s a step in the right direction I suppose. The goth kids are all facinated by knitting… they wanted to learn how to knit so they can make wristbands with skulls and flames and “tragic” things on them.

I’m 23. I just started knitted and YES I have gotten…are you nesting?(i’m not pregnant)…that’s for old ladies…why are you doing that? My husband and a couple friends are cool about it. And I try not to care what other people say about it. I love it. ~Brooke

I’m only 19…:doh: (Soon to be 20, thank you very much) I just like how its the only one crafty thing I can do, so I don’t really care if people think I’m “nesting” or that it’s old fashioned…It’s a fun thing to do, so who cares?

I’ve always assumed most people on this list are under 30. In fact, I’ve often been tempted to ask if there is anyone out there over 40. I’ve been knitting over 25 years, and it has only been in the last several years, during knitting’s renaissance, that it seems to be acceptable to knit. My friends and family have been calling me grandma since I was 25. It is only recently it seems that I don’t get strange looks when I whip my needles out on the subway. In fact, a few times a week at least, I’ll see a fellow knitter on the train, and we exchange smiles. These knitters always seem to be under 30 to me.

So don’t fret, we are getting more respect than we used to. There’s stength in numbers and there seems to be more knitters everyday!

I’m 34, and knitting makes me feel like a girl scout again…no one makes fun of me because they all want me to make them something!

Here’s an over 40!! I’m 44!! Never really thought about the average age here. If it makes any of you youngsters feel better, I get teased all the time about my knitting!! xxx :frog:

I’m 20, but haven’t gotten much negative comments.
Apart from my Dad… but he made similare ones when I started to sew and then told me he used to make his own clothes too :?eyebrow:
It’s just his kind of “humor” :rollseyes:
What I did get were some odd looks when knitting in public, but I don’t care. Since more often people are curious about what I’m making and ask where I did get that cool yarn from.
As for talking about knitting stuff…I talk about it anyway eventhough nobody I know knits (well, my mum just restarted after seeing me knitting). In return I listen to their stories about things they do, that I don’t, even if I think it’s boring (like when my dad talks about his work…)

I’m under 30, and I’ve never been teased…of course I started knitting when it became hip for younguns to do so. Bust magazine and SnBs ruled the environment I began knitting in, so I’ve never been self-concious about it, just incredibly proud and obsessed.

Unrelated… This one is too much! :frog:

I’m 29, so I guess I am in that category for the next few months! No on has ever made fun of me for knitting, but I know that a lot of people think it is a granny hobby. I love it and I aint stoppin’ :XX:

I’m 38 and I thought that knitting was being taken over by a revolution of younger women :thinking: Maybe that’s only true in hip happenin Portland Oregon

i’ll be thirty for another month, then i suppose i cannot be officially part of this thread!

no one really says anything. all my friendbs regard me as generally pretty crafty and knitting falls logically into that. the only thing is that whenever i wear sweaters, jcrew, gap, whatever, everyone asks me “did you make that?”

I’m also in the under 30 group. I started out crocheting, but had to try knitting after seeing some gorgeous socks a co-worker had made. With either hobby, I don’t get odd looks; just general curiosity about what I’m making.

Every time I buy new yarn at the LYS, I get asked what I’m making this time around.