Any other knitters under 30?

I’m 27 and I just started knitting a month ago. I’m working on my first scarf. When I told my sister and friend they asked “are you like 80 years old.” When they saw how the scarf was progressing they wanted me to make one for them too. I have four requests already. They will have to wait til Christmas! I wish there was group around NJ with some younger people in it!

I’m over 30, but I understand being on the receiving end of some very odd looks and comments.
I’m the only guy in my circle of friends who knits :XY:

I have had friends over to my house who are shocked :shock: when they find out that the project in the living room is not my wife’s!
I have to admit it is fun when they start to get curious and ask me to show them how!

The point here is don’t let anyone’s perception of your age, gender or activity of choice prevent you from knitting when and where you want to!

I’m 19 and people normally don’t say anything to me when I’m knitting and if they do and it’s something about it being fir grandmas then I just laug it off and ignore it!!! I enjoy knitting so I’m not going to let someone else ruin it for me!!! KNITTERS ROCK!!! :XX: … :happydance:

Trish, you poor thing! I can’t imagine anyone teasing me because I knit! :?eyebrow: ??? That’s just baffling! :??

I’ve only ever had positive feedback that I can remember. Although if someone compared me to a granny, I probably wouldn’t have noticed, because I’ve always thought very highly of grannies and everything they are stereotypically associated with! I used to say, “When I grow up I want to be a professional grandmother.” :wink: Hmmm, maybe I got my wish! :lol:


I just taught a knitting class with a guy in it (out of 6) and I’m pretty sure my April class will also have a male in it! I think knitting in generaly is becoming more popular among all ages and genders! =)


I am well over 30, but I remember back in the late '60’s needlepoint was all the rage. A lot of men took it up probably because of a very masculine, burly fellow by the name of Roosevelt Grier. He was a massive football player (a supporter of Robert Kennedy) with I think an LA team and liked to work on his projects during airplane flights. It relaxed him. He was all over the talk shows showing off his really beautiful work.

My husband, watching me knit, asked to learn. I taught him, but he didn’t continue with it. His knitting, as a beginner, was far nicer and evener than I still can produce. I’m glad he didn’t continue 'cause I’m sure I would have never picked up needles again if I had to compare my passable work with his perfect stitches.

I’ve always thought if we could get past the gender stereotypes, people would find all sorts of things that they could excel at and enjoy.

I’m 27. I just started knitting last year. I also cross stitch occasionally. When I picked up knitting, my best friend thought it was hilarious and called me an old woman for awhile. Then she got a nice scarf for Christmas and changed her tune. My hubby and mom are totally supportive and listen when I talk about my knitting addiction. :smiley: My sis, however, has no appreciation of the craft. I made her a scarf for Christmas, fashionable in my opinion, and I found out that it’s basically collecting dust. However, she’ll buy a similar scarf from the Gap and wear it out. I don’t know.

It’s kind of lonely for me, since I do not know anyone personally who knits. I don’t get to the LYS to meet anyone due to being a one-car family and no child care and my husband works nights and I work days. But I love to knit, and I’m not going to stop because a few people think I’m weird. Besides, what would I do with my hands while I watch Third Watch reruns every night? LOL


I’ll be 34 this year, and I still get carded @ bars.
Knitting Power!


Hi fellow knitters!

I think knitting must really be coming back, because most of the people I know who knit are around my age (26). One of my best friends knits, her friend crochets and wants to learn to knit, and my sister-in-law was dying to learn and loves it. She also rides the bus every day, and she says that she sees at least one person knitting every day - its a great thing to do on the bus or train. I know a couple people my mom’s age who knit, but both my mom & grandma haven’t for a long time even though they did in the past. I think for a couple decades it wasn’t around as much. It’s understandable why its popular again, considering how stressful, fast-paced, corporate, etc. it is nowadays.

  • Jessica

Hi again! I wanted to add that I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a critical comment or weird look (maybe I just haven’t noticed, & haven’t been doing it that long) :wink: ! Everyone who says something is interested. (In general I don’t think friends should criticize other friends hobbies, unless its friendly teasing). Also, lots of little kids knit - my friend heads up a knitting club at her elementary, and there a not-too-shabby number of boys in it too! - Jessica

im 23… i get no comment… than again i dont go out much and i have no offline friends lol my sister makes no comments i think becuase i force things apon her and her monkeys … :thumbsup:

( i think i win being the youngest here so far…)
Ill be 19 in june :slight_smile:
And no, people wouldnt dare tease me about my knitting when they are sitting close enough to my sock needles they might get poked! Not they they do anywyas of course- they know how i cant focus/pay attention when im not kntting!

well i am 34 and i have a couple of different groups of friends. I have the group that always wants to know what i am working on and how they get on the list for the things i am giving away after i finish it. Then i have the other group of friends that teases me and calls me granny and one has taken to calling me a “yarn fondler” …lol…when you’re right you’re right. i love touching yarn…lol.

of course that same group of friends that tease me have all asked me for scarves and blankets and things so i don’t take them too seriously…lol

one has had the audacity to call me “Knitter” but that is generally only after i have reminded him that he is a dorky accountant! :wink:

I’m 22 and have only recieved comments from a couple people on my dad’s side of the family. (Thank goodness we live far away, I only talk to them online). My mom’s side of the family (also…online…lol) thinks the knitting is really cool and they’re always wanting me to post pictures on our family site. They are mainly impressed with the fact that I took up knitting when I quit smoking. And I’ve been smoke-free now for over 3 months…yay! :happydance:

I don’t know any knitters personally nor get out to any lys. I don’t have my own car and the lys’s are in the city…and we only go to the city unless there’s some event or appointment. Even though we’re only outside of the city by 15 minutes…traffic is still always REALLY nasty.

I enjoy my online knitting buddies though :smiley:

Jivewhistle, I too used knitting to quit smoking! Granted, I started knitting months before I quit, but I’ve found that it’s really helped me with the quit. 50 days smoke free for me! Congratulations on your three months–that’s awesome!

In keeping with the original post though…I’m 26 and I get varied comments on the fact that I knit. My boyfriend thinks it’s “cute” and sometimes teases me about being an “old lady.” My family mostly thinks it’s cool though.

Okay :frowning: I don’t qualify as far as ‘physical’ age goes…I am over 30, well over, I suppose (46, with a grandchild!!)…lol…BUT, I decided to respond to this thread bc I am far younger :wink: than 30 mentally…Here’s something that all of you ‘young guys/girls’ need to know…your age is in your MIND…nowhere else; time may catch up with you…but your attitude is the one thing that time canNOT change…unless YOU allow it to!!
So, yes, I am UNDER 30…I am young at heart!!
FYI, my youngest daughter (19) likes the fact that I knit…but not in public (with her…lol) bc she said that only ‘old’ people knit in public…I guess she considers me young at heart as well!!
Another FYI…AIN’T NO WAY that 46 is anywhere close to old, by the way!!! :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX:
Keep up the knitting!!
Love to u all!!

Hilde and I call that FIBER-BATING. I am guilty of that, as well…I love to go to my LYS & just SQUEEZE things!

CONGRATS to all of you who quit smoking! I have been thinking lately that knitting may just be the thing I need to do the same…

Rebecca…you are absolutely right! I work with folks that are 95 and STILL not old!! :thumbsup:

Hi kittycat,

Welcome to the Club! I [B]think [/B]like that [B]too[/B]! :slight_smile:
I’m in my [B]late 20s[/B] and so proud of my knit [B]skinny scarves[/B] that I wear them as headbands or belts everytime [B]I go out[/B]. After concentrating at work and taking stressful decisions, I think “boy do I need some knitting with some soothing music” What I like most of knitting is that it pushes you to be[B] creative[/B] with patterns and yarn colors.

What’s [B]your current[/B] project?

Happy knitting!

I’m 13 and don’t care what others think about me knitting. My friends and family don’t knit, but they seem interested in what I am knitting sometimes. It doesn’t bother me to talk about it. I am proud of my hobby and people seem to think it’s cool that I love something that a lot of kids wouldn’t think about doing.

I am just under 30 (next month!!! arghhhhhhhh) and I am the only one of my friends or family to knit. I get such “stick” for it too!! The comments range from old ladyness to pregnancy (the horror!!) to “get a job already”.

But it is not enough to sway me from knitting. I luffs it!! :yay: