Any Brits out there?

Hullo, I’m in hertfordshire, u.k. is this site typically based and used from across the pond? am new to the site and cannot quite yet figure it out and so need to spend some time learning how to use it and so on. keen to hear off anyone. i use lionbrand alot and love their site for their superb free patterns. :happydance:

Hi venusspeciment, I live in essex. there are quite a few here from the UK and all over the world. I joined a couple of months ago and have learnt a lot here in a short time. Everybody is very friendly, the only problem is that I now spend more time on KH than I do knitting.

If you are interested why don’t you pop over to the charity page and look at the oddball baby blanket, a few of us from the UK have joined in and are making blankets to send back to the US.

Hi and welcome .
I am in Middx , UK.
There are quite a few brits on here and i am sure you will have plenty of fun on here. You will learn everything in no time :slight_smile:
Have fun :slight_smile:

:waving: Hi! I’m based in South Yorkshire, there are a fair few of us Brits on here - there’s more on Ravelry too, if you’ve signed up there?

hi venusspecimen from a fellow North Herts Knitter :cheering:
There are a few UK knitters here and the whole site is great and very friendly.

Hi Venusspecimen,
I am from the UK. Swindon in Wiltshire, I now live in the USA, miss home, would love to hear from you. I live in New Mexico which is in the USA not Mexico as my Mum always thought. I live in the mountains, it is very pretty here, some snow right at the moment. And Cold. Happy New Year to you. And Happy Knitting.
There is a knitting group here and we have a great teacher, she is a knitting judge, So I can get lots of help. Lucky me.

I am in Gloucestershire.

joined tonight im from belfast northern ireland looking forward to chatting with new people from all over and may be share a pattern or 2 tammie

I am in Wiltshire.

I’m in Durham (near Newcastle). I joined this sight ages ago & tend to just read through ALL the posts.

I’ve just joined and live in North Wales :slight_smile:

I live in Kent, and find it hard to get quality products made in this country. Even when it’s a British company, the products are often made elsewhere for cheapness. My local yarn store was also 2 towns over and has closed, so I have a choice between the woman who makes baby clothes and carries some yarn, and charity shops. I have to get anything specific online, therefore

Hi I am from Morecambe in Lancs

and very new here


I’m a newbie, but I’m from the UK too. Currently in Manchester, originally from the West Mids.

im not the only one in Northern Ireland, hey im new to this site :slight_smile: im from north down, i tend to do a lot of projects for my 2 year old daughter :slight_smile:

Hey I’m 10 and have fallen in love with this site. I’m from Manchester UK and its relieving knowing I’m not the only Brit.

Hi . Joined tonight after some months lurking. Am from north Lincs :knitting:


I live in Lancashire and have just joined this site. I am a novice at knitting with no one to ask when I get stuck on a pattern. Now I work partime I want to to be able to learn to knit all those lovely baby things I couldnt knit for my own children ( had to pay someone else to knit them) as i want to knit for my g/children. I can knit but it all goes to pot when i get to the shaping and its a pattern so everthing I have knitted so far has had plain sleeves and top. Now knitting is back in fashion I am determined to learn properly. I am looking for local knit and natter groups.

I’m new to the site! I’m 24 and in the UK! South Yorkshire!!!:hug:

I’m a newbie too and from Darlington UK. Loving this site. cloud9