Any advice on cat's diarrhea?

Hey folks, I am wondering when and if it is time to take one of my cats to the vet. During the past two or three days she has left very soft feces in her litter box. They are not completely watery, they are very soft with some liquid. I have had to clean her rear end up a few times since she has long hair, so it is kind of a mess. Yesterday in the morning I noticed she used the bathtub instead of her litter box. Today she used her litter box and I found the same very soft stuff. She did vomit this morning. It was a clear yellow liquied. She uses to vomit hairballs and in the past she has vomit the same clear yellow liquid. I haven’t changed her food or anything else. She is kind of sleepy although it is hard to tell if she is sleepier than usual… maybe she seems less alert and wanting to rest. Still, she seems to be enyoing me petting her.
Now I am worring. Is it time to call the vet? Can I just wait and see a bit more? And for how long? Another little problem is that I am feeling under the weather myself. I would really appreciate any piece of advice!! Thank you!!:heart:

Seeing as this has been going on for more than a day, I would take her in.

Defecating in the bathtub and vomiting clear liquid are signs to get her in.

Please talk to the vet now.
From the symptoms, especially the lethargy,
that sounds like one sick kitty.
And with other cats in the house,
it’s also important to know whether the problem is contagious.

I’m hoping it’s just a passing (excuse the bad pun) thing,
but you really need to know what’s going on with her.

Thank you guys. I just made an appointment. The vet will see her today at 4:30PM. And I just found that she defecated in the bathtub again!!! This is so unusual. She never ever defecates anywhere but her box. I hope she will be fine or that whatever she has is going to be under control soon. Thanks again.

We have a cat who seems to have developed the opposite problem. This morning he’s been to the cat box about 6 times that I’ve seen him and squatting and nothing’s coming out. My sweeting comes home in a bit and we’ll see if he needs to go to the vet.

Good luck with your kitty suzeeq!!! Is he having other symptoms?? I hope he will be fine too. My cat went into the boxes this morning (hers and my other cat’s) and came out a few times. Later was when I discovered she had preferred the bathtub. I cleaned the bathtub with clorox but now there is a new problem. The bathtub is whilte. So the clorox has stained it. Now it has some light brown stains sigh

:hug: Aw, poor kitty. I hope he’s feeling better soon. Let us know what the vet says. I’ll be praying.

Ours doesn’t seem to be out of the norm. He tried coughing up a hairball, I think but that happens at least once a week. He’s hiding out somewhere now which he does when he isn’t feeling well.

I just had a thought about your cat… Have you changed the food lately? Said cat above does not tolerate the hairball control formula. He left soft poop all over and sometimes had diarrhea with it (fortunately in the box). I finally figured out the connection and we stopped giving it to him.

suzeeq, I haven’t changed her food lately, but she does get the science diet hairball control formula. she has been on that food for months now. well, within two hours the vet will be seeing her. I am a bit ansious while she is hidding too behind the TV set table. She had not been there since we move in 6 months ago.

I hope your kitty is okay. Is she eating and drinking? She obviously doesn’t feel well.

My cat had a similar problem a few years ago and they had to give her a couple shots to calm her stomach and replace fluids lost because she couldn’t keep much down. She’s fine now.

I’m glad your kitty is in good health now! I noticed my Nania got a small sip of water and less than 10 minutes later she vomited it. ( I guess it was the water because it was totally clear liquid what I cleaned up). Now she is hidding behind the TV again. Her appetite has decreased. I cannot wait to get to the vet’s office. And I am feeling like catching the flu too! :help:

well, we are back from the vet’s office. They did find some overgrowth of bacteria in her feces, so the vet prescribed an antibiotic/anti-inflamatory medicine. The reason is not known. She gave my kitty some intra skin fluids and an inyection to ease her stomach. She recommended to add some plain yogurt to her food (we’ll see if she eats it) and 1/4 of pepcid a/c starting tomorrow afternoon. My kitty is expected to show some improvement within 3 or 4 days. If not I will have to take her back to the vet for some blood tests and X-rays of her abdominal cavity.
So far it doen’t seem to be something terrible. I just do hope she gets better with the medicine, the yogurt and the pepcid a/c. And of corse, with my tender care cloud9

Oh good, I hope it isn’t anything serious and she gets better. Good thing you took her to the vet. :hug:

My vet didn’t recommend the Pepsid… interesting. Of course my cat is over 16 so maybe we have to be extra careful. I have to feed her dry food with water on it and baby food sometimes. Never thought of yogurt. :think:

Thanks a lot, Jan :muah: Yes it was definitively a good move to take her to the vet. My cat is 7.5 years, so she is not too old yet, but I guess they prescribe this or that depending on the age, among other factors. Let’s see how the yogurt thing goes. She doen’t even like most cat treats that I get from the stores.

If she eats wet food you might be able to mix a little yogurt with it. They’re pretty clever though at figuring stuff out. :teehee:

Maybe your cat will like the yogurt. I made the mistake once, of letting my cat lick my spoon after I’d eaten a yogurt. She loved it so much that she hounds me everytime I eat anything vanilla flavored.

Oh good! I hope things clear up OK.

My cat LOVES yogurt :slight_smile:

Last year my dog had some very scary tummy issues; he couldn’t poop and when he did manage to get a little out it was bloody. I rushed him to the emergency vet and it was just an inflammation of his colon, not serious at all. Flagyl had him back to normal in 2 days.

But oh baby! They can’t tell us what’s wrong and it is the worst feeling.

I’m so glad the vet seems to have the problem under control. The yogurt sounds like a good idea to replace the intestinal flora that the antibiotics knock out. (Good for humans on antibiotics, too.) Be sure you get yogurt with live cultures – plain Dannon is fine.

My late great Isadora was a yogurt fiend. She’d lick it from a spoon, from her paw, anywhere. I wish I had a picture of her nose stuck in the bottom of a container, trying to get the last bit.

Hope your beautiful cat is back to her old self soon.

suzeeq I would take your guy in asap- sounds like he could have a urinary blockage which can be life threatening. ( I work at a Emergency Vet hospital & we see these all the time). Hope that he isn’t blocked but better safe than sorry.

What is it with cats and poop problems? My cat had diarrhea for a long time. I took her to the vet within 1 day of it starting and they couldn’t diagnose it. They did every test they could think of and she was on all sorts of antibiotics, but nothing worked. It was so frustrating and expensive, but eventually everything worked out. She doesn’t have diarrhea anymore, but she only poops about every other day, which I have read isn’t normal.
I hope you kitty feels better soon. It’s so hard since they can’t tell you they feel sick. I’m sure the antibiotics will work wonders.