Amy has a BABY BLOG up. Come visit!

Yay, a blog… Fun! :cheering: Great idea KellyK!

As most of you know, I’m the creator of this KnittingHelp site. I’ve got an “About Me” page in a hidden corner of this site, which has got a little bio and history of this site. I also have a page where I listed “100 things about me,” which was a really fun list to make. (Hey other bloggers, if you haven’t made one yet, you should try it! It’s so much fun to make. :))

Here we go!..Here’s what’s going on, behind the scenes at KnittingHelp, and in Amy-land.

I’ve been slacking off lately, with this Spring weather. KellyK’s promised to whip me into shape with some of her impressive Army Sergeant talk.
[I]Amy sits aimlessly on her sunny couch and soaks up the sunshine. Oblivious to pattern-design demands, videos beckoning to be shot, the kitchen that needs cleaning, etc.[/I]


:cheering: YAYYYYY AMY!!! :cheering:
Now you have a place to talk about your singing and your Sheldon and all the other things that make you the FABULOUS Amy that you are!

I read your 100 things…are there “guidelines” anywhere for that? Or do you just kinda brainstorm? That seems like it would be fun and difficult at the same time…


[color=red][size=6]WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOIN, WOMAN???
:mad: [size=7]BOO YAAAAAA![/size][/color] :mad:

[color=indigo]ekgheiy gallops fervently through the vast open range on her noble, armored, stalwart equine war machine, waving a grand KH banner bellowing her Knit’Purl cry[/color]


:rofling: Thanks KellyK! That should do it!! :lol: I’m getting more done already. :wink:

Nice to have company, and horses and banners, what more could I ask for!! Thanks for the noble welcome eckgeiy! :smiley:

Okay, I did something smart today. I moved my video studio set-up from a cold area of my house, to a sunny and warm area. Now that we’re not running the wood stove, the old spot was chilly; and also wasn’t as sunny. This new spot should be more productive for me! :slight_smile:

Tonight I’m starting on shooting a felted bag pattern I’ve designed for y’all. I really like how it’s turning out. I’ll give you a hint: it’s in earthy colors, and is big enough to hold multiple knitting projects and books.

The big news in this house today, is that we got a dishwasher installed today! Woohoo! I’ve never had a real, actual dishwasher before. It’s just so darn amazing. I’m in total awe and I can hardly believe it. Could it actually be true that I’ll basically never have to hand-wash a dish again? I’m in shock! :shock:

I saved up three days of dishes before installing it (it was a difficult sacrifice, but I did it ;))…so I had a nice smelly pile of crusty dishes to properly test it out with. :smiley: I can’t believe how well it works! Woohoo! No more smelly dish-washing for me ever again!!! Yeehaawww! :happydance:

lol you two are nutty! lol

congrats on the new dishwasher… i have dishes in the kitched getting all yucky your welcome to take them to test out your washer! lol lord knows i DONT want to wash them (i have a bad habbit of letting them get yucky and than throwing them out …i get yelled at constantly for it but if you want to wash them that would eb super lol :thumbsup: )

A big congratulations on the dishwasher, Amy. I was without an automatic one for a few years when we couldn’t muster up the funds for a new one when our old one died. I wasn’t, however, without a dishwasher, as my then teenage dd got that chore. She wasn’t very automatic about getting them done, though. :rollseyes:

I can hardly wait to see your new video on the felted bag project. As much as I’m learning from your website, maybe if it weren’t quite so helpful and entertaining, I might get more knitting done. :mrgreen:

:happydance: doin the DISHWASHER dance for Aim-ola!! :happydance:

Cant wait to see that bag pattern! :cheering: Thanks for always sharing nice…

It’s Spring Cleaning weekend in this house! I can’t believe how much I got done yesterday. Purged and reorganized two closets and larger storage room. I’ve got bags and bags and boxes of stuff I’m getting rid of. Feels so good!!

I offered stuff up on my local “FreeCycle” group. A woman’s coming tomorrow to pick up some clothes I’m getting rid of. Minor annoyance: she’s apparently boycotting all punctuation marks and other grammatical aids. Her emails were quite a challenge to read for me! Is it just me? Here’s her 2nd email:

“i will be there late am on monday ill e mail if something happens and i cant come thanks a lot helen”

It took me about 6 reads to figure out that she wasn’t ill (as in sick), and that she was actually planning on coming! LOL. My brain can handle non-capitalisation of letters, and reasonable mispelling of words, but this total lack of punctuation was very difficult for me to read!

I’ve also come across forums recently where people seem to be misspelling words on purpose, like EVERY word, “This sell-fone is awsim. Luv it, thnkx for recimending it…” etc. I don’t even read those posts. It drives me nuts to have to work so hard to read a sentence! :rollseyes:

Still cleaning today, this house is overdue. Ahhh, the lovely sound of the dishwasher going… :thumbsup:

If I was 13 this is how I would respond, Amy:

daz TIGHT g! dis iz hows ma kid-izzlez ats da skool wit dere nots 2 dey homiez. deres alwayz mo fu-zizzles and shi-dizzles in dere, tho. An DANG, g, whys u gotsta be burnin on peepizzlez who dont spell gud! ill getz ma cuzin upin her to show U how ta spel. TREATED.

Funny, though, none of them don’t TALK this way… maybe they’re using it as some kind of code-izzle so we teachers don’t understand what they mean. Seriously, though, I do think they are getting this from other chat rooms or TV where people (adults) talk this way… it’s unfortunate that sounding ignorant is cool.

Minor annoyance: she’s apparently boycotting all punctuation marks and other grammatical aids.

Argh! I know exactly what you mean. :mad: I have a sis-in-law who, though quite intelligent, witty, and clever in person, types that same way, with the exception of hers is also in all caps! :doh: It drives me up the wall trying to read her e-mails or instant messages. She then gets mad at me for misunderstanding her as if I’m the one with the problem. :shock:

Kudos on the spring cleaning! This glorious weather we’re having here in northeast Texas has had dh and I cleaning out the garage. I’m a pathetic messie (who’s constantly trying to reform), married to a notorious neatnik. As you might guess, the mess in the garage is mine, not his; but he’s patiently urging me onward toward progress. Of course, I might get more done if I’d get off this computer; at least that’s what he says. Poor guy, he’s a saint, and I don’t deserve him, but I sure do love him. :inlove:

:rofling: OMG, Hilde…I was ROLLIN reading this! :rofling:

You truly are the QUEEN of all that is funny. :notworthy:
[size=2](Beldie can be the princess.)[/size]

Fo’ shizzle. :sunglasses:

I’m fine with that. The Queen has too many responsibilities, but the princess always has more fun.

As for spring cleaning, I should start mine soon. Looking to move in a couple of months, so might as well get rid of as much as I can so I don’t have to pack/move stuff that I don’t need.

Hubby is looking forward to the dishwasher and I’m looking forward to the washer and dryer. I love to do laundry :heart:

Woohoo, it was a productive weekend, and I stayed up to 5:30 am on Monday morning, getting a bunch of overdue stuff worked on. I never regret those late nights, because I swear, I do my best thinking like that, and I feel like I get a week’s worth of work done!

Some biggish news: I gave notice at my part time job yesterday. Too busy with stuff here, to work elsewhere anymore! …Yay, more time to be here, and do this stuff I love!! :heart:

I’ve let the cat out of the bag. Well, part of the cat, anyway…
I’ve been sneakily working on a series of very original knitting patterns. The first, and no doubt the most wild, is a set of “Garter Belt Pockets.” Details here.

Oh no! Caps too, that would do me in! LOL

:rofling: Hildie, that’s hysterical. Wow, I’m out of touch, because I only just heard someone “izzle” for the first time last week; and they were doing it in jest. And “Treated” is totally new to my ear.

Reminds me of the 70’s/80’s movie “Airplane” (my favorite comedy ever!)… Remember the scene with the two cool black dudes trying to ask the stewardess for a cup of coffee or whatever, and the Stewardess is totally frazzled, because they’re talking so dang funky, that it’s completely incomprehensible. :lol: And then this old, homely white lady stands up and, in a gentle, serious tone says “It’s okay, I can help. I speak Jive.” :lol: And she starts going on with them in Jive and it’s the funniest thing EVER! :rofling: The whole scene has subtitles, which make it twice as funny.

WOW! Amy…that’s GREAT! Way to follow that dream! :cheering:

My brother is always trying to “hip up” my vocab…here’s an example of a type of “affirmation” he taught me:

Him: blah blah blah…opinion on something…blah blah blah, YA HEARD?
Me: WORD. :sunglasses:

And then this old, homely white lady stands up and, in a gentle, serious tone says “It’s okay, I can help. I speak Jive.”

Sheesh! I knew I was hanging out with a bunch of youngins here, but to hear “the Beav’s” mother (from the Leave it to Beaver show) referred to as “this old, homely white lady” really makes me feel old. :shock:

Now, where did I put my cane? :rollseyes: :mrgreen:

Word up Peeps!

Amy- I just read your 100 things about you…and I’m jealous that you once KNEW* (gasp!) Ben Affleck! I want to lick him! Yummy! :drool:

But I bet I’m the only one on this site that can say I went to college with THE Subway Jarred. Yep! That’s right! Actually, it was the BEFORE Subway Jarred!

I digress…AMY I love love L :heart: VE this site! My grandmother taught me to knit when I was a wee-little one, but I just decided to pick it back up last month (I’m 28 now…almost 30…EEK!). Your videos are FANTABULOUS!!! Thank you!!!


I’m 28 as well and there’s nothing wrong with turning 30. 'Nuff sed.

Yeah…it wasn’t until I turned 31 that I had a nervous breakdown about age. :shifty:

30 doesn’t scare me so much, but MAN 29 is freaking me out! I feel like I should be an adult by now…but I just AIN’T NO ADULT! What are my chances of becoming an adult by September 4 (my bday)??? :rofling: