Am I the only one on this planet that thinks Blueberries don't have any taste?

DH went blueberry picking on Sat and I took the pup for her walk at the park. Didn’t have time to do both together. So when I went to pick him up he had this huge bag (it’s just the 2 of us) and I had a few and said once again as I’ve said for the past 5 years or so, “These don’t taste like anything at all.”

He just looks at me like I have a deer on my head and says, “Yes they do!” Am I just weird or did I lose my blueberry taste buds? Yes, I am weird, but is this normal? You know how a strawberry tastes like a strawberry and a raspberry tastes like a raspberry and a grape like a grape, but a blueberry, well, it has no taste to me.

Am I the only one? :shrug:

:?? I find that blueberries don’t have the same taste as “blueberry-flavored” stuff, but if they’re ripe, they’re sweet, at least.

ETA - Grape flavored stuff doesn’t taste like grapes, either. They taste purple, not grapey.:wink:

I only managed to get a few blueberries before the plants died but they had taste. I guess I don’t think much of blueberry flavor because I can’t place the flavor of blueberry yogurt even though I’ve had it a lot.

I’ve only had hybrid raspberries taste like raspberry, wild ones are bland. I’ve never had a grape that tasted like grape.

Buleberries are yummy !

In all fairness, I think it depends upon the blueberry. I’ve had some that left me unamused.
There’s a place by us that is somewhat like a co-op, they have the absolute best blueberries (sweet, flavorful, juicy) and we’ve gotten ten pounds of them from there over the past two months, we’ve eaten over five pounds already. I’m afraid of turning into Violet Beauregard!:roflhard:

I agree with Stitchwitch. Very good blueberries are delicious and I can never find enough things to put them in or on. However, bad blueberries or blueberries that aren’t ripe enough can be rather bland and somewhat mealy. I usually have to go to the Central Market or Whole Foods to get really good ones.

I don’t really like blue berries. I’ve never thought they were very sweet, and I suppose the description of lacking taste is almost right. But perhaps I have never had really good ones.

Actually I don’t really like strawberries unless they are very ripe and sweet and then I only eat 1 or 2 and then in a fruit salad or something, not by itself and I much prefer them all sugared up.
I think raspberries are too tart.
I think blackberries are tart too but not as bad as raspberries.
So Actually I don’t like berries much at all–why??? I did not grow up in the Willamette valley where I now live which is bursting with berries. My parents did not feed us fresh berries. I’ve alway looked upon berries with suspicion. I didn’t eat jam growing up either and while I occasionally have it with certain things I am a bit mistrustful of that too, though I can’t say I dislike it.

My daughter loves all kinds on berries as does my husband, but my son is suspicious of berries too.

I remember my great grandma and I always ate blueberries with sugar, it gave them a lot more flavor. Just like stick the blueberry on a toothpick and roll it around in a little sugar! Yum :wink:

They have flavor when you put them in pancakes, muffins, or pie!

I agree with everyone else who said it depends on how ripe they are and the better they taste. I’m thinking that I want to make some blueberry muffins or pie now with all this blueberry talk! :teehee:

[B]Blueberry compote for over pancakes or ice cream[/B]

1/4 c sugar
1/4 c water
1 1/4 tsp lemon juice
2 cups blueberries
Stir water, sugar and juice on low until dissolved. Add berries and boil for about two minutes, reduce heat and simmer until thickened.
(I add about 1/2 tsp of corn starch mixed with water to the mix to thicken it up a little more)

Pour over pancakes or icecream!!:clink:

I think the wild blueberries have more flavor than commercially grown ones and depending on the cultivated variety you can have a wide range of flavor. The very best flavor though is huckleberry and even though they only grow in the wild there is quite a range of color, flavor, and bush size.

Well, they are ripe because they have the powder color on them and they are quite plump. They aren’t sour or bitter, and not overly sweet (to me anyway). I don’t know how to explain it any better than that. Maybe I’ll try the dipping in sugar suggestion and see if that makes a difference.

I don’t think they taste gross or anything, just lacking a blueberry flavor. We do go to a blueberry farm too so it’s not like it’s a wild blueberry or anything. Who knows!

Bring on the recipes people!! DH is looking to make something new this year with all of his blueberries. And he’s going back next weekend for more. Oy vey. :teehee:

Oh man, you’re in for it now! I have a ton of blueberry recipes!! I will not be held responsible for expanding waistlines. :roflhard:

[B]Blueberry Buckle[/B] (odd name, great little cake, kind of like a coffee cake)
1/4 cup butter softened
3/4 cups sugar
1 egg
2 cups all purpose flour
2 tsp. baking powder
1/4 tsp. salt
1/2 cup milk
2 cups fresh blueberries
2/3 cup sugar
1/2 cup all purpose flour
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/3 cup cold butter

In small mixing bowl cream butter and sugar. Beat in the egg. Combine flour, baking powder and salt, add to creamed mixture alternating with milk. Fold in blueberries. Pour into greased 9 inch square baking pan.
For topping, combine sugar, flour and cinnamon in a bowl, cut in butter until crumbly. Sprinkle over blueberry batter. Bake at 375 for 40-45 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean.

HMM - I guess everyones taste buds are different but seriously - you don’t LOVE blueberries? I drag the hubby blueberry picking every year and we eat blueberry pancakes, blueberry muffins, blueberry shortcake - all made from scratch of course…and there are still a few left over to just plain ole eat.
Maybe you could have a tastebud transplant ??

Mmmm blueberries! I think everyone’s taste buds are different so maybe yours don’t have the sensitivity to taste blueberries? They don’t have a strong flavor really. I love them in vanilla yogurt or pancakes!

Huckleberries, oh yum! And you’re right in the middle of where lots of them grow. I prefer them to blueberries, even good blueberries. Huckleberries are larger and tarter and very good.

I was so inspired that I bought blueberries tonight to put on top of my fruit pizza. I can’t wait!

I have five quarts of blueberry pie filling on my kitchen table, a blueberry pie on the counter, and enough blueberries to make a bunch of blueberry marmalade and to freeze. Maybe you just got hold of some older ones?

My DH and I love them. Two year old Kate calls them “Bouys”! :heart: She’d rather eat ‘bouys’ then any other fruit or sweet.

I love blueberries!:heart: