Am I the only one on this planet that thinks Blueberries don't have any taste?

If the farm irrigates their bushes that could be - in wet years , or when irrigated, blueberries tend to have less flavour. Berries in general as well…

This is what my husband thinks too. He says my taste buds are screwed up. :teehee: So I’m kind of wondering if he’s partly right. But really, it’s not only this years crop, last years and the year before is when we started to pick our own and to be honest I didn’t eat blueberries before we started going to the pick your own farms. Maybe I had a bad batch when I was younger or something because I haven’t eaten a blueberry in years before DH took me to the farm.

So, no, I don’t love blueberries, but I’m eating them because they are good for you. They just don’t taste like a berry to me. I just keep saying at least they aren’t gross so I am eating them! Maybe I should seek out treatment for a tastebud transplant. :rofl:

well - the probably wouldn’t taste like a berry to most people.

Blueberries actually are a berry; but most of the things people think of as berries are not berries.
A tomato is a berry, but strawberries, raspberries and blackberries are not berries. grin botanical terms and food terms are often wildly different.

A while back I bought blueberries and used them in pancakes and muffins. I couldn’t taste them much (or at all), so I haven’t bought any since.

It’s not you. Most commercially grown blueberries, including those at pick-it-yourself farms, are bred for size and, in some cases, sweetness. If they’re ripe they may taste sweet but there’s not much of a distinctive flavor. They’re better with a drop of lemon juice as well as extra sugar.

The island where we spend summer vacations (Long Island, near the ocean) is loaded with wild blueberry bushes that are just coming into season. If you can get to the ripe berries before the birds and the kids do, they’re a wonderful treat – tiny, more tart than sweet and full of rich, almost winy flavor. I’ve never been able to gather enough for a pie, but half a cupful takes care of breakfast, either on cereal or in pancakes.

seems I am the only one here who thinks they are super gross. haha.

I can’t stomach the smell or taste of them… We bake blueberry muffins at work and it makes me feel nauseated just smelling them.

I do LOVE raspberries though, and blackberries.

This really has nothing to do with blueberries, but I just read this article and immediately thought of this thread:


I guess I shouldn’t have cancelled my spa appointment to go berry picking. Calling me sasquatch though was a little rude. :teehee:


No, really, I’m sure the sasquatch didn’t want to scare those woman, he just didn’t want them taking his blueberries.

I like them on pound cake. They are yummy. My uncle grew huge ones in Florida. I like them in muffins, also.

IMHO, the blueberries that come from New Jersey are the BEST. I only buy the ones that are packed in Hammonton, NJ. Must say that area is where I spent many summers and my aunt and uncle had wooded areas where I could pick LOTS of them. Love blueberries.

Okay, first of all I love that you found this!

Second, these women had the right idea. Blueberries picked in Northern Ontario are famous and probably the best I have ever had. They aren’t the “farmed” ones. They’re tiny and taste absolutely wonderful. They’re also very expensive. They’re sold at stands all along the side of the highway going up north and you will pay a pretty penny to get a taste of those berries!

I think some do, some don’t. The frozen/[artially thawed blueberries my brother put on our vanilla ice cream last week DID NOT have any flavor nor sweetness.

However, the blueberry pie I ate at a restaurant DID have a lot of blueberry flavor.

Maybe it has to do with ripeness, freshness, and species/type.
There are wild blueberries, cultivated blueberries, teeny blueberries, and large blueberries.

Our blueberries are very flavorful and sweet. Just have one bush that we cherish and relish!

Our blueberries, on ripening, are about the size of a plump green pea. No bigger.