ADDI Click interchangeables: disappointing

Well for all the [B]hoopla[/B] about the newest addition to the interchangeable circular needle family…ADDI Clicks are disappointing.

The cost of the set is $150. They are European sizes, so that means you don’t get US5 or US 10.5.

Well, ok…fine.

But, on top of that…[I]the quality[/I] doesn’t warrant the price tag IMHO. Some folks contend that ADDI has rushed their product to market. High Quality made ADDI famous…so a lack of HIGH QUALITY is a major disappointment. Especially so with the $150 price tag.

I was knitting with a friend down at my local LYS. Another knitter was using her new ADDI Clicks. She handed me her knitting so that I could see them.

Hmmmmf. The yarn (an alpaca blend) caught (had a ‘catch’) at the point where the metal meets the cord.

The ADDI Click discussions over at Ravelry list complaints such as missing needle sizes, duplicate needle sizes, 2 size 8’s and no size 4’s…or, one size 8 tip and one size 9 tip; cords that come undone from the metal socket, and some lousy ‘pass-the-buck’ customer service when things go wrong. Now we can add ‘burrs’ and rough spots on the metal joins, as well.

So, ok. Even KnitPicks OPTIONS have had their growing pains. We’ve read all about them. But, you can’t say you had to pay $150 for a limited set, and you can’t say you were brushed off when you phoned KP about your complaint. You prolly got a real live person at the other end of the tellie, too!

All in all, I didn’t like her Clicks for the fact that [U]the yarn caught on the join[/U]. This is not a $150 worth of quality.

And I don’t like the missing sizes, and I don’t like no end caps. And I don’t like the level of customer service that I’ve been reading about. In all fairness, [I]not all folks experienced bad customer service[/I]. Those knitters who live close to their LYS could just take them back to get a replacement needle or what-have-you. But the poor folks who live 2 hrs away, or, who purchased online. They have a problemo.

And you paid HOW MUCH for this set? :??

Yeah, right! [I][B]One hundred and fifty dollars [/B][/I]plus shipping and tax. :pout:

I have to say that is surprising considering how good their circular needles are (at least I think so). On the other hand, I don’t care for their straight needles either (too blunt). Thanks for the info!

This is one reason why I’m so happy I’m not one to get the newest thing on the market at the hefty price tag.

I just got a set of Boye circulars for Christmas and I couldn’t be happier.

I broke down and bought a set for a Christmas present to myself. Granted, I’ve only been using one size so far, but have had NO problems or complaints about it.

I love the fact that I don’t have to keep checking to make sure the tip isn’t unscrewing, which I have to with some of my Knitpicks tips.

As I’ve been knitting, I really forgot that I was trying out the interchangeable until this thread reminded me.:shrug:
I hope I have the same luck with the rest of the set.:pray:

THey would have to be awful good to make them worth the difference in price with the Options. I can’t see paying the difference. I like the Options I have better than the Addis I have mostly beause of the points. I might want them if they were Addi Lace but would still probably rather hae Options. They are not $100 better!

It is good to hear both sides, because I love my Addi’s so much that I certainly might be tempted if they brought the price down to $100. The only problem I’ve ever had with an Addi was on a larger size (I think it was 13 or 15, but can’t recall exactly) and the cord was plastic instead of metal. It came off, and that was that… but the store gave me a replacement at no charge. I’m not even sure if they are still making their larger sizes with plastic cords instead of metal, but the store owner stated her belief that they had problems when they used plastic cords instead of metals. I do love my Addi circs, I have to say…:teehee:

I love the fixed Addis that I have but I like the Options points.

I still love my Options which I received as a Christmas gift (last year, I think) that I can’t imagine even trying anything else. Narrow-minded I’m sure, but since I’m so happy with them I figure why mess with success.

I use something like this to tighten/loosen my Options and have never had a problem with them unscrewing.

That’s a really good idea Jan. I think I’ve seen them at the dollar tree or wal-mart. I’ll have to buy one. :slight_smile:

Awesome. You could also use a rubber jar opener.

I use the extra wide rubber bands that come on broccoli as jar openers and you can use them for this kind of grip thingy on the needle tightener too.

In the quilting area at walmart they sell little 1-2 inch rubber discs called needle puller through-ers. :wink: I love that it fits right into my notion pouch.

My best friend has the BOYE interchangeables…and she loves them! She picked them up (a couple years ago) for $5 at a garage sale! What a SCORE!

Anyway, I like the finish on them. She let me knit a few stitches with them. No snags or catches on where the cord meets the metal, either.

Don’t get me wrong…I love the ADDI fixed circulars that I own. I have them in all sizes…and numerous lengths for some sizes.

I use ADDI fixed circs when I need a blunter tip. When knitting with single ply yarn (such as Rowan Cocoon) the sharp pointy tip of my OPTIONS splits the yarn all the time. So I use ADDI fixed circs in those cases!

ADDI fixed circs are a wonderful needle.

I am simply disappointed with the quality of their new interchangeable set. I think they will eventually iron out all the glitches. But I would not have expected ANY PROBLEMS from an interchangeable circular set that is selling for $150. It is a shame that they rushed this product to market. I’m sure they regret it, too…all the way to the bank! :roflhard:

Love my Addi circs and LOVE LOVE LOVE my Options interchangable. So I guess I won’t be rushing out to buying anything for the moment. Espeically since I also have a set of Denise sitting in my bag!

Just a question, but has anyone tried ordering these from Europe instead of in the US? I haven’t seen them for any higher than 69euro (about $97 US with todays exchange rate). :shrug:

I read something over at Rav about it. Let me go see what it says again. Something about only selling to retailers in the US and the cords being one color in Europe and blue for the US set.
But let me to see. Be right back.

I meant, buying from Retailers out here… not directly from Addi. Sorry if my post was confusing (english [I]actually[/I] [I]is[/I] my native language, lol)

Ok, I read through a ton of posts…and finally found the discussions about European pricing (direct from Addi) and US pricing (thru their distributor “Skacel”). Something I picked: the lifetime warranty is only offered by Skacel, an Addi distributor. Blue cords identify these sets as being purchased through Skacel. The ADDI Clicks with the gold cords hold no such lifetime warranty. Some folks say that Skacel is doubling the price to cover the warranty. They would rather just replace a broken piece IF something breaks. At this time, you couldn’t replace a broken piece at your own expense because the ADDI Clicks are not offered piece by piece.

Here are some other snippets that are enlightening:

[COLOR=Blue][B]Posted by StashDiva:[/B][/COLOR]

All Addi needles are manufactured by the same machines and are of the same quality, this is according to the German manufacturer himself. Skacel is only one of their distributors and gets no more quality than the rest of the world. The only difference is that when they do a product run [U]for the US they put blue cords [/U]in the machines and [U]gold for the rest of the world.[/U]
Here is a quote from the Letter from Mr. Selter of the Gustav Selter company in Germany:

[B]Because of Skacel’s special policy of warranty which other partners do not give, their needles have now a light blue cord and are called addi turbo, which is a protected name in the States. We do not produce different qualities for different markets. All needles are coming from the same machines here in Germany with the same idea to make knitting and crocheting more fun.
[COLOR=Blue][B]Posted by Iknitforfun:[/B][/COLOR]
I find it interesting that if you buy your addi clicks from europe, the cost without shipping is around $87 depending on the dollar rate. Yes, there is shipping, yes there are import taxes but why such a high markup from $87USD+/- to $149? Looks like Skacel is taking a hefty cut on each of these sets.

Something to consider, Addi is a European company supplying knitters who knit in mm. The needles in Europe are sold in mm sizes. Denise is made in the USA and sold in American sizes, they do not make special mm sizes for European customers, but there is a conversion list. Does 0.25mm really make a difference in knitting?

Don’t blame Addi, blame Skacel for false marketing and a higher price.

[COLOR=Blue][B]Posted by alicathd:[/B][/COLOR]
I have considered buying from Europe, it’s my understanding that all Addi might go mm anyway. But I was concerned that I couldn’t get a good return policy if needed. (you just never know) And without a recommendation of a good supplier, I would be wary. I just bought a new addi, size 2 lace needle, it measures a size 3 on my chart. They don’t appear to be sized sized exact anyway. Apparently Addi has it’s own gauge. I would really love to save money and get them now, but I just don’t know of a good place to order and again what if they come defective?

[COLOR=Blue][B]Posted by Iknitforfun:[/B][/COLOR]
I agree. I can’t imagine why the set is so expensive in the US. Our VAT in Holland is 19% and I only paid 69 euros for the set including shipping.

I love mine, but if I still lived in the US I would order them from Europe. Even with shipping the price would come no where near $149.