ADDI Click interchangeables: disappointing

Oh, no problem! :hug:

But I think that any US retailer has received their Addi Clicks [U]from Skacel[/U], who is the Addi partner. The US retailer has already absorbed Skacel’s price hike.

I think the only way a US resident can avoid Skacel’s higher priced Addi Clicks is to buy from a European knitting shop. The European knitting shop buys direct from Addi. I don’t think you could buy direct from the manufacturer (Addi) unless you are a knitting shop.

My LYS can’t buy direct from Addi. She has to buy direct from the Addi partner: Skacel. Skacel is almost doubling the manufacturer’s price I believe. Some say this is because of the lifetime warranty that only Skacel offers. Some say this doubling in price is unfair enrichment. They could understand some price hike, but not such an exorbitant price hike.

So I guess if we could find a reputable European knitting shop that we trust, we could get the lower price on Addi Clicks, but with no warranty.

If we go with a US distributor, we will be forced to pay Skacel’s price of $150, but we’ll get the lifetime warranty.

BTW: save all receipts, save all original packaging. They don’t trust their customers like KnitPicks does. You gotta have proof of purchase and your ducks in a row.

And also, I read that when you try to get your needles fixed or replaced, Skacel won’t honor the warranty. They shove you off to the LYS or Addi. I dunno. :?? There are a mixture of confusing posts in the Addi group discussion. And some very perplexed folks who feel bounced around. And some very satisfied customers, too. It’s a crap shoot. :teehee:

HERE is a link to the Ravelry Addi group that contains the Addi Clicks discussions.

hmn, think I’ll stick to my Denise - and my fixed circs for smalle needle sizes!