A couple of FOs and a WIP by a newbie

Hey everybody! I’m a newby (and a guy at that) to this forum and also to knitting. Had started to learn knitting from KnittingHelp.com and now (3 1/2 weeks after that) I’ve been visiting a Stitch N Bitch session regularly and am now working through Knitting for Dummies.

Until now, I’ve finished 2 scarves. One for myself and one for my bf…here they are (the red-green-Christmas is for my bf, while the salt-and-pepper one’s mine):

I’ve got the pattern for the one above from this blog.

As for this scarf, I’ve used a 5 mm/US 8 circular needles with 100 cm in length. Casting on 220 stitches (or until you find it long enough), I knitted lengthwise in garter stitches.

Used up 4 balls (finges included) of ‘Lana Grossa: Bingo Print’ #310.

I’ve a new scarf on the needles right now that I’ve just started, so I’ll wait a bit for it to grow before taking a photo and posting it here.

Welcome! You’ve been knitting for less than a month??!! Excellent work! I’m extremely impressed! :cheering: Wow!


Thank you! Well, it took me about 5 days of perseverance for each scarf…I hope that I will get faster and better. There are some minor mistakes in both scarves. :smiley:

Five days for a scarf is not so long! All of my work has glitches in it, too. :rollseyes:

WOW!! What a great job! I can’t believe you’ve been at this for less than a month!!! You’re a natural!

REALLY good job!! Your ribbing is PERFECT! And, we’re ALWAYS glad to add to our manly man population around here! WELCOME!


Esspecially for how new you are! Very impressed. :thumbsup:

great scarfs–I’ve started one very similar to the red and green for my dh.


Nice job! :thumbsup: Welcome :waving:

I love them both! Very nice.

Ingrid: Don’t go and ruin my opinion of you! You know I have you on a VERY high pedestal! :smiley:

Hello and welcome!! Those are beautiful scarfs, and five days is pretty fast too! :thumbsup:

OMG! Thank you so much for the replies and the comments!!! I’m feeling very welcomed now!

Anyhow, got some vouchers for Christmas and just went a bit mad on yarns and needles today. Am going to try tackle a pair of socks soon. Didn’t get around to my new scarf that much yet yesterday due to my doodling with practicing patterns - got some basketweave done as well as twists and a knitted plaid - :wink: So, no photos just yet…I can’t wait to try out the dpns (my first time) and making socks! (Gotta learn increases/decreases, etc. for it still)

Really beautiful, both of them. Love the colors! Congratulations on such beautiful work!!

Photo, at last…not very far though:

So, that’s the next scarf I’m making for myself. The colour of the stripes is from left to right, i.e. charcoal, mocca, white. I’m doing it in Fisherman’s Rib, which makes the scarf extremely soft! The only downside is that the Fisherman’s Rib is a yarn-eater! I’m not even finished with my first stripe and my first ball of yarn had been knitted more than half already! O.o I’ve for each colour only two balls, I think I’ll need to get one more ball for each colour.


  • approx. three 50 g balls each of ‘Lana Grossa Bingo’ in the following colours: Charcoal # 04, Mocca # 68 and White # 23
  • 4.5 mm/US 7

Here’s the pattern (no gauge, as this is a scarf):

  • Cast on 40 stitches (I used a double/long tail/continental cast-on - whatever you call it).
  • Row 1: Purl
  • Row 2: *P1, knit next st in the row below, allowing old stitch to drop from needle; rep from *, end p2
  • Repeat Row 2 only

Change the colour when you find the block at your desired length.

I’m just loving your scarves. They are very nice. I think you’re doing an excellent job. Keep up the good work :happydance:

Thank you very much Partydiva!!!

Anyhow, the new scarf is being put on hold…now I’m working on my new iPod-Sock with cables! After I’ve done two lots of cables and found the middle patch of garter stitches too boring, I started to twist the stitches in the middle into a cross right twisted stitch! What do you guys think?

Wow. Love your cables. :inlove:
I’m a newbie too, but I’ve not tried cables yet. Did you learn from the KH videos?

You continue to astound me–creative and daring!! :cheering: :cheering: