50% off knitting sale at Hobby Lobby!

It has become my habit to stop in Hobby Lobby while I’m out since they change their sales every week. This week it’s 1/2 off all knitting needles, notions, etc. again! Also they had a LOT of yarn on sale. Mostly “yarn bee” brand fuzzy funky stuff that would be great for Christmas scarves.

I wish I had a Hobby Lobby near me…I don’t think we even have any at all in Maine. :frowning:


:thinking: :cheering:

[size=2](That could be good… have to talk with the CFO of our house.)[/size]

none in Maine or any of the other neighboring states. Ohio or Virginia is the closest :frowning: Maybe they’ll get there eventually.

y’all really need to check their website every week too. they have been putting up a 40% off one regular price item about every other week lately.

and for those of you who are looking for them, my HL does have the needlemaster sets too so this is a good week to get them!

I will be in Texas at Thanksgiving… do you think the sale will last that long?? We don’t have HL in FL. Last Christmas my mom, sister and I went to HL … an ALWAYS DO when I go home to visit. I discovered all the cool new yarn! That was the first time I had ever had a desire to learn to knit. When I got home I found a beginners class starting in January … I learned to knit and purl (not from a very good teacher… but I learned) and EVERYTHING ELSE I have learned from Amy and y’all . I am almost to my first year knitting anniversary.

no hobby lobby sales last from monday to saturday and their thanksgiving week sales last monday to wednesday and then friday and saturday with special sales.

their sale page goes up on the website right at midnight local time saturday night/sunday morning so you can always check to see what they have going on. it seems like they always have at least 4-5 different yarns on sale.

No Hobby Lobby in Oregon (or Massachusetts where I visit sometimes) :crying:

yep, been there… got stuff! yeeee hawwww!!! :happydance:

Come to Pensacola, we have them! :happydance:

:rofling: So tell us how you really feel…

Yes, this is where I just bought my needle collection by boyle. reg 69 and got it for 35!! also bought pattern books on sale, but the yarn I got was not on sale.
I love HL. :cheering:

Oh boy!! I headed off to Hobby Lobby. Thanks!

i just came from there… really didn’t NEED anything…but didn’t want the sale to go to waste so i got these!

Has anyone seen that Yarn Bee Lusious in pink, gray and white? what could i make with that? i’ve been eyein it for the longest!!!

[size=6][color=orange]and the sale continues. If you missed it this last week you can still get there to clean them out of needles. They are still 50% off AND there is another coupon for 40% off any one regular priced item![/color][/size]

STILL!? My word! I must go down there! Monday… Monday :slight_smile:

I have to get there and check it out then! Since I’m just learning I have one cheapo skein of yarn and 2 sets of needles. I need more so I can start more projects!! :happydance:

I got two sets of Balene DPNs today and a clover row counter! Hurray! My boyfriend spoils me… :happydance:

Man our hobby lobby sucked… they had like 12 needles… and nothing else… but they did have a lot of yarn… too bad they didn’t have some cool stuff… like the NeedleMaster set (since I lost my Denises’) or something

:shock: You lost your denises! The HORROR!