50% off knitting sale at Hobby Lobby!

I got lucky because they just expanded their needlework section at my hobby lobby and had a bunch more needles and notions this time, not to mention more yarn. That sucks that yours only had 12 :frowning: I feel your pain! And how did you lose the Denise’s? :shock:

Well seems the came up missing while we were moving… they seem to have disappeared… however both my wife and myself know we shouldn’t have packed it up… but that little book seems to be ultra elusive

Norman, my HL is sometimes scant too and they had only one set of the boyle interchangable needle set. I wanted two, one for me and one to give a friend as a gift and the girl there in that dept told me they only are allowed to have one set on the wall at a time and when she sees it’s gone, she orders again. I guess that’s how they keep their inventory down. I imagine it applies to other stuff too.
I’m going back today and see if they have any more yet.

yup mine only has one set at a time up too. i have noticed lately that they have got a ton more yarn and a ton fewer needles. not sure how that makes sense but apparently it does? :thinking: i may have to try one of the other hobby lobby stores this week instead of the usual one that i continue to strip of its knitting supplies! :wink:

I think it must depend on the area becasue mine has gotten a ton more yarn and still has a lot of needles (except this sale has depleted them a little)

went again this week, got more stuff… yeeee again hawwww!! :happydance:

no hobby lobby here, sigh!

OMG I would DIE if I lost my Denises!!! :frowning:

HL always has the best knitting books. I :frowning: always find something I must have when I stop in so this sale was a most welcome surprise. I did get some Christmas shopping done for knitterly friends, that’s always a plus.

the needle sale is back on again!! GO STOCK UP!