3 yr old Adolph Hitler?!

What is WRONG with people???


Those folks obviously have some problems.

I don’t know; however, I feel anyone who names their child after such a despicable person is courting all kinds of problems for the kid in years to come. The longer I live the more I wonder about the so-called human race and their logic, not to mention intelligence and sensitivity. These are kind of people you cross the street when you see them approaching, at least in MHO.

I just read about that! And the names of the other kids…wow…And they really think people won’t react??

That is going to seriously screw up those kids’ futures. Hellooooo! They have to go to school, job interviews, and everything else a normal person does with those names.

And I really don’t understand this:
“Heath Campbell said he named his son after Adolf Hitler because he liked the name and because “no one else in the world would have that name.” He sounded surprised by all the controversy the dispute had generated.”

He named his son after the most evil man in history and he’s surprised people don’t like it? The cake thing is only the start. He’s gotta go to school some day. I’d hate to be that teacher.

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Interesting how he’s all “We’re not racist! We just like the name!” and then goes and gives the next child the middle name of “Aryan Nation.” Not racist. Right.

Even the daughter is named after Nazi politician who was the leader of the SS as I understand it. Yikes. :zombie:

That’s why this is the second trip to the same store. Obviously they know of another store that will make the cakes so why go back to the one that won’t?

I think they’d better be watching their Ps and Qs. I can see DCFS or the equivalent using their name choices as proof that they are not parents who have the kid’s welfare in mind.

I pity these children, and feel the parents should lose custody.

Can you imagine the bullying they will have to endure?

Wouldn’t a rose by any other name smell as sweet?

IMHO, it’s pretty sad that “we” (society) will/have been/are/might judge this child based solely on his name.

I think that if they had used only one of the two names, he might survive a child hood…but to use both of them together…and I bet you at home they do call him by both names…is just a little cruel.

I know we live in a time where it is hard to be unique…but there are other ways to be unique in naming a child…

Nobody needs that kind of burden in life…

I was just looking up weird names and came across this “I think that calling a boy “Jaymz” instead of James, or “Adhym” instead of Adam, is saddling them with a lifetime of annoyance where they are obliged to spell their names on every occasion, or correct other’s mistakes. It’s a bit different when a child’s name is unusual and needs to be spelled out for that reason, but weird spelling of common names must drive these poor kids mad when they become adults.” (http://forums.families.com/strange-baby-names,t340)

As one of those kids…I have to say it is…and mine is not even that bad…I am Crysta…and I can’t tell you how many different spellings I get…and never the right one…not to mention, I very often get Crystal…sigh

I guess in the end it is nothing to complain about when you think about that poor boy!

Well, after reading the article, I don’t know that it will just be by the kid’s name. People are also going to meet the parents, and when daddy is striding around in black SS boots from WWII, it doesn’t add favorably to the outlook this poor kid is gonna get.

And, IMHO, I think the “society judging the child based solely on his name” is putting on blinders. I mean face it…how many of us as kids had kids picking on us by turning “normal” names into something to tease you with? Some I can remember are “Moore the wh*re”, “Smelly Kelly”, “No-brain Jane” “Picketts has rickets”, ad nauseum. Besides, I fail to see anyone slamming the kid, only the idiot parents whose cleverness I personally fail to see.

I see it as a form of child abuse. Not as obvious as bruises, but the pain this kid is going to suffer is going to be equally as bad. They, as (and I use the term loosely) adults knew EXACTLY what type of reaction they’d get - especially when they used both the first and last name of that monster in the child’s name. Adoph as a middle name? Odd, but I don’t think it would be any problem. Adolph Hitler? Totally different story. And as for “Aryan Nation”, heaven help her as well.

Heck, if this is acceptible, why not just name kids A**hole, **** Weed, Dumb Sh*t,…well, you get my drift. Sometimes a name is more than just a name. And, if the parents think the names are so great, why didn’t they just legally change theirs and leave their kids in peace?

See, I’d have gotten yours wrong…all the Crysta’s I know spell their name either Christa or Krista.

That’s what I was about to say.

IMHO I think these parents need to be committed to an institution and the poor kids given names that won’t haunt them through their life.
If we ignore bad things in our history they will be repeated.

Why did they LET them name their child that? There are laws against naming your children offensive names. Why did they let this get past? What if they wanted to name them Saddam Hussein or Bin Laden. Would they let those past?

Some other articles I read say that the parents have swastikas in every room of their house. They don’t believe the holocaust actually happened. They are certainly closed minded and extremely messed up. (Neither one works either. They claim disability and live off of social security. That’s a whole 'nother can of worms!) You’d better believe the child will be taught to always use his full name. If and when he starts school, I feel sorry for the kindergarten teacher! (I have a feeling that they will have issues with public schools and keep their kids home, but that’s just me!)


I’m sorry, but no one is going to hear that name and not make fun of that boy or treat him different, even if his stupid parents are the ones to blame. Yes, they’ll think his parents are morons, but they’ll still take it out on the child. That’s how life is, no matter how much we want it to change. Kids will tease other kids until the end of time. As long as there are parents out there who are allowed to pro-create and name their children despicable names there will be teasing going on.
Those of us who know it’s wrong will teach our kids those correct values, but as long as there are idiots out there it’ll only continue.

I too am shocked that the state of PA would allow the parents to register a birth certificate and make those legal names to be used on a drivers license etc. The problem is we are a sue happy nation and I guarantee you there is a lawyer somewhere willing to take on their plight and sue anyone who tells them NO. Of course they did this for attention and of course they are racist. The fact that they claim disability and collect state/federal aide yet continue to produce children is an entirely different soap box that I need to stay off in this forum.
Unfortunately DCFS cannot remove children from the home b/c they have a crappy name (see lawyer comment above). I’ve never seen a child removed for anything other than physical abuse or neglect and even that is a long process.

The kids are going to study WWII and the holocaust in school and these names will be mentioned. They [U][I]will[/I][/U] be teased for sure. And names like that will change them for better or worse…they may become stronger or they may suffer emotional issues because of it. Sad.

As for it being sad that anyone should be judged by their name?.. I agree, but it’s a fact of life unfortunately. :frowning: I think the issue here is really the parents though…what kind of parents would name their children things that are going to hurt them. Someday (unless they change their own names at 18) they are going to have to get jobs. Who is going to want to hire someone named Adolph Hitler?