Zipper Help!

Fridays are casual days at work and I’m wearing my favorite jeans. You know how when you zip up, you push the pull tab down and it kind of locks the zipper in place? Well, for some reason, my zipper won’t lock now. It just keeps edging down. Thank goodness I have on a long sweater, so it’s not too obvious!

I finally rigged it with a gem clip, so it can’t go down all the way, so I’m safe for today. But, I wondered if anyone had a suggestion for fixing it? I love these jeans and if I have to, I’ll go to the effort of putting a new zipper in, but I would like to avoid that if possible.

Any suggestions? :shrug:

I’d check it when you take the jeans off and see IF it can be fixed. I know you sew, so think you’d be better off and a lot more comfortable knowing you won’t go around unzipped like an old man…

Sometimes you can just change out the zipper tab thingy. It may be more easier to replace the zipper though. It would be your call. Good luck!

Yeah I’ve had jeans do that, there’s a little pointy thing that holds the tab in place. I think it gets worn down so it doesn’t lock anymore. I just wear long tops over it, or keep pulling it up.