Zig zag lace

i have been looking at trying some new stich patters and i thought this would make a nice scarf http://www.knittingonthenet.com/stitches/zigzaglace.htm ( i like do do scarfs when trying new things) only im not sure what it means when it says 'additional selvge on each side… help? do u think i should try to do a real pattern for my 1st atempt at lace if so what?

Knitting a scarf to try out a new stitch pattern is a great idea! This pattern is really pretty.

As for the selvedge stitches, I think this is for edging purposes. Like slip the first stitch and knit the last stitch…this gives you a clean, pretty edge and doesn’t effect the actual pattern.

I’m sure someone with a bit more experience can explain it better than I.

Good luck!! :happydance:

oh right is that it? thanks.

Oh, a scarf is a great idea!

I think what the “Requires one additional selvedge st on each side” means, is that you need to cast on how ever many you want for the pattern (say, 30 sts,) AND two extra ones, which create the ‘border’. You can kind of see it in that picture; along the sides, is garter stitch. This deals with the problem that you would otherwise get from starting and ending rows with YOs, as well as helps stabilise the piece.