Zephyr patterns

I heard that zephyr patterns tend to run small and I also heard that they tend to run big. So Im a tad confused about how much yarn I would need to buy. More is always better;) But I just was wondering if anyone has any thoughts or personal experiences with this sizing issue.
For example the rusted root:

I am a 38 bust so I would be a medium according to the pattern but I have a long torso and a bit of a chubby belly with a couple of small rolls:aww: so I would lengthen it a little…
What do ya’ll think?!

You need to do a gauge swatch in the yarn you want to use and come as close as you can to the gauge in the pattern. Then with measurements of both you and an article of clothing that you like the fit you can better judge what size. :wink:

Also… that is a cute top. I’ve heard the name, but never saw it or heard of the patterns.

Oh! I just checked Ravelry… are you on there yet? Anyway there are 177 Rusted Roots being made. I’ll take a look at them and see what they say.

I do what Jan said and just try to come close to the pattern measurements. Usually that turns out to be a medium.

I have thickened in the middle over the past few years so I leave out waist shaping too. I prefer a nice smooth drop from boob to hip:)

Based on the pages I read in Ravelry there was a fair amount of mods and everyone said it was easy. They used more or less waist shaping, made it longer in some cases and sometimes adjusted the sleeves. I saw a few times where they said it ran big, but that could also be that their gauge wasn’t right or that they used a different yarn. :shrug: It’s a pretty sweater!

What is this ravelry that everyones been talking about:hmm: I wanna know! whatever it is it sounds like Im missing out on something good:teehee:

Oh my… just look down this page and page 2 or do a search for Ravelry. Bunches of threads about it!:thumbsup: