Zeebee beanie in EZ style

I wasn’t sure if I would post about this project or not. Then I did a search to see if anyone else had posted about the zeebee beanie on KnittingHelp. The result was ZERO! I can’t believe it - this is such a cool pattern.

The [B][COLOR=darkred]zeebee beanie[/COLOR][/B] is designed by schmeebot(I don’t know her RL name) and is in the style of Elizabeth Zimmermann. It is the perfect partner to EZ Baby Surprize Jacket. The pattern is such that you can use [B]any yarn[/B] you wish and can be knit up to fit [B]any size of head[/B]! So you can see, it is also a great stash buster!

Enough said: Here is the link to my posts on the zeebee.


Yeah for zeebees!

Jared of Brooklyntweed’s zeebee.

Check out all the Zeebees on Flickr for inspiration!

Honestly this is such a fun easy knit I think everyone (or nearly so) should knit one!

Anyone knit one on Knitting Help?
Why don’t you post your pics? :wink:

Thanks for this link! I can’t wait to make one (or two) of my own.