Zebra Yarn

Hi all.

Does anyone know of a soft, worsted weight yarn (NOT a superwash) that is black and white variegated? I’m looking to make yet another set of longies for my little girl, and my husband thought it would be rather hysterical for her tushy to resemble a zebra. (See! Knitting can be funny!)

I have made her previous longies with Malabrigo yarn, but am willing to entertain other possibilities as long as they’re fairly soft.

Thanks everyone.


I can’t find any of the nicer yarns in b & w stripes, but I did find this from Bernat. I think it is a boucle yarn though. :?? :smiley:

Hey, i think Opal has a Zebra yarn out for socks…lemme check… :thinking:

Here>> http://www.ptyarn.com/rainforest.html

Cute stuff…love their sock yarns too

Rhy :thumbsup:

That would be so cute! I don’t think that I would have the patience to knit longies with size one needles right now though :shock:


If you can’t find variegated, you could alternate black and white yarns–sort of intarsia style.

Thanks, ladies. The sock yarn is cute, but I agree with the PP - if I had to knit longies in fingering weight yarn, I wouldn’t put it on her ass, I would BRONZE them.

Alternating the yarns isn’t a bad idea, Ingrid. It’s the sewing in the ends part that freaks me out a little. If it’s for a gorgeous Fair Isle, fine. But for longies … ? I dunno. I know, I know, I’m just lazy. I’ve got to get cracking on some wool shorts for her soon as well.

Those longies are so wonderful and cuddly, too. I’ve loved them.


You could get some yarn custom dyed, which is really fun! A few places that do the sort of yarns you’re looking for are:

You could use two sport weights, one black, one white and knit them as one. I love the affect that gives.

I was going to suggest dyeing the yarn. Whatever you choose…I can’t wait to see them; too, too cute :wink:

As always, ladies, thank you for the suggestions. I think I’ll order a custom colorway. LOVE that option!

I’ll post the yarn porn and FO once it’s in hand.

Anyone else here a longie knitter? That was my “gateway” into the rest of the knitting world. I just couldn’t justify spending $75 on a pair of longies when I could do it for less than $20. I hate taking the business away from hard working mamas, but it was a great blessing in the end, since knitting has helped so much during this time of grieving.


Check out Red Heart Super Saver, worsted weight. They have a yarn called Zebra. I am making my granddaughter an
afghan with this yarn. She likes black, and solid black is too hard to see, so black and white helps.