I just wanted to let people know about this site. I discovered it recently and they are basically a site to help women find jeans that fit. They will soon be expanding to bras. I always have a hard time finding jeans that fit. Between the fact that I’m not super tall (why is almost every pair 33.5" inseam?) and the fact that I actually have a butt that sticks out farther than my back, I end up with jeans that are too long and that have this gape at the back, where, I guess, back fat is supposed to go. I see I’m about to start ranting, let me rein myself in.

The site asks you questions about your body shape and then recommends jeans to you. The first pair I got fit wonderfully, they were the 2nd highest ranked pair for me, but they were a little short (that’s when I learned that not all petites are created equal). I ordered another pair in their regular length, which is the same as some companies’ petite, and they fit wonderfully. :cheering: I was getting so frustrated cuz I had just been downtown trying on jeans left and right and they were all the same. I would have never thought to try Chadwicks, which always seemed a bit frumpy to me, but at least their jeans fit!

So I just wanted to share this site.

That is the best site on the internet!!
Well after of course!

mwedzi, i have to tell you that from what i saw from your FO posts - you look great. If jeans don’t fit you, then where are we heading? If a good looking, proportionate gal like you can’t find any? Is the anorexia overtaking the world? I’m too short for most of the jeans and unfortunately here in Israel petite is something they never heard of :waah:! I’m going to check out this site…

That site is SO MUCH FUN! I love it, I subscribed. Thanks Mwedzi!

I think that site is great! I’m petite, but I just can’t find pants to fit. Our proportions are all so different, and most of us just don’t have the variety of stores (nor the patience) to shop at. is great too!

I found it via Grumperina’s blog and I haven’t purchased anything yet…but I signed up to be one of their Fit Testers and I’m going in for my fitting next Monday!

I’m gonna try out Zafu and I’ll report baack about my Fit Testing too!

I would love it if they expand to bras… I’m an odd size that is incredibly hard to find, and not many companies even make em!!

How cool, that’ll be fun Hamalee!

:shock: Are we the same person? Are we sisters? Seriously I have the EXACT same problem. The gape at the back… ARRRGGHHH!!! :wall:

I’ll definitely try what they suggested! :happydance:

I hate to burst everyone’s bubble, but I’ve tried both websites and tried on quite a few pairs of pants it said would fit me and none of them did. :pout:

I’m pretty much an average girl, but my waste is smaller than my bum and hips so every pair of jeans I try on fit my hips but the waste is just gigantic. I haven’t bought a new pair of jeans in over 5 years because of this. It is so frustrating.

And yes, I did answer the questions truthfully. :thumbsup:

I will have to try that other site, truejeans, too. Bailsmom, sorry it didn’t work for you. My friend said he heard a radio show and on it and some people didn’t find it worked for them. But no more lost than the other times one buys jeans and they don’t fit, right? At least worth a try, since it definitely worked for me, and the first pair I tried! It’s relatively new, so hopefully they are still refining their rating system. Did you leave feedback on the fit?

Iza, I know several folks like us who have the gaping at the back. Cursed bootyliciousness! Great in all respects except for jeans-buying.

Knitting Nat, thank you. Though it isn’t because the jeans are too small for me. I’m on the small end of sizes. It’s just that they aren’t cut to fit my shape.