Yup me again....with another pattern!

Hello everybody!
So I decided that before starting on my blanket project I would start with some baby booties, since the baby girl im knitting for is about due for next week!

Well, it all started good UNTIL I hit a part were i have to rejoin the yarn… I have no idea of how to do it so it would be really appreciated if I could get some help, once again =)

Here’s the link to the pattern:

To rejoin yarn you can just start knitting with the new yarn. When you’re done you can weave in the ends. There might be a loose area where the tail is, but that will be taken care of when weaving.

Those booties are adorable!

Well thats the part I knid of dont get. Where do I insert my needle? And do i have to make a knot somewhere? It says to cast-on 12 stiches but do i cast then and then what? I’m very confused…sorry:??

OK, I had to actually draw a picture of what the flat bootie would look like before seaming to be able to figure this out! I think what you do is, you cast on the 12 stitches on the empty needle using the cable cast on, then knit turn it and knit back across the 12 stitches, then continue across those 9 stitches from the holder as though they were part of the row that includes the 12 stitches you just cast on. So, your yarn tail will be in between the 12 cast on stitches and the 9 holder stitches.

Does that make sense?

By the way, there’s a video here for the cable cast on. :slight_smile: