Yummy Yarn all dyed up!*pic heavy*

A friend from another board I am on dyes wool in these fantastic colorways!! She gets inspiration, and whew! This is what comes of it. She has a blog too, where she explains her inspiration: http://atimetodye.wordpress.com/

First off, I’ve taken some time off for 2 co-ops. One I’ve finished, and one is underway. And then I have another in a couple of weeks.
These 1st pics are from the co-ops…

The completed group of yarns that went to a yahoo group that bought from me.

From Bottom L- Top Right
5 Good Earth, 1 Treasure in Clay Jars (blue trim), 4 Rachel (brick red trim)
1 Thanksgiving, 1 Fruitful Vine
2 Eden, 4 Emory, 2 Flamingos

Then for the co-op in progress…
Eden on Rambouillet

4 of the 5 Good Earths I did. The back 2 are on Beaverslide, the front 2 on Marr Haven.

Fruitful Vine. The top one is Suri Alpaca/BFL sock yarn, the bottom is superwash BFL sock yarn.

Metamorphosis with matching trim on Beaverslide

Now for Customs:
Esther on 3-ply merino with matching black trim

“Freedom” on Peruvian

And LOTS of new ones!!!:lostit: I love coming up with new colorways!!

I’m pretty sure this is my favorite one out of my new ones. It’s called “Good Gifts” and it’s on Peruvian.

Inspired by a Tiffany’s box!

And this one is really funny! It’s called “Wisdom”. It was inspired by a shirt that I had in HS, and still wear. The picture is of my my Sophomore year of HS, early 90’s. So funny.:giggle:

“Jordan” is on Rambouillet, and was inspired by an ariel view of the Jordan River. My friend, Nesreen, who has a son named Jordan, sent the inspiration picture to me.

“Abba” was inspired by my friend Heather, who wanted sherbet colors and chocolate!! Thanks Heather!:thumbsup:

“Consuming Fire” was inspired by one of my favorite bands, Third Day, who has a song titled the same. I love it.

This is “Wilma” on Beaverslide, named in honor of our head Mentor at my MOPS group. She has been an inspiration to me for the last 3 years, and she was wearing a sweater with these colors a couple of weeks ago at our meeting.

This is “Corner Stone” on Marr Haven.

This is “Entertaining Angels” on Marr Haven

And last, but not least, “Flamingos” on Rambouillet.:thumbsup:

Thanks for looking!!

Beautiful colors. Your friend did a fantastic job.:yay::cheering:

Nice yarn!

yarn p0rn overload :thud:

Fruitful Vine and Good Gifts. YUMMMMMM.

All of them are gorgeous. Great job!!!

So pretty! :heart:

WOW WOOW WOOW! I love the last ones!!:heart::heart:

I agree, wow!

They are just beautiful!

I am in love with that CornerStone color.:heart:

I think it should come and live with me. Beautiful yarns.


she has beautiful yarns! thanks for sharing!!

Thanks Meri for posting that. I haven’t been here in ages. Too busy dyeing. LOL:cheering:

WOW! :inlove: Those are all truly luscious! Meri, thanks for sharing!!

SAHMLamar, these are yours? Nice work! applauding :thumbsup: You’ve got a great eye for color!

Gorgeous!!! :notworthy:

Yep, Amy. Those are mine. I’ve been dyeing for a couple of months now, and absolutely love it. It’s totally my passion. And because of that, my knitting has suffered greatly. :aww:

What wonderful color combinations.

i love how each colorway has so much meaning behind it and how you explain the inspiration!

Beautiful!!! I love Consuming Fire, the song and the yarn.

I [B]LOVE[/B] those colors!!!

So very yummy!

Can I admit that I keep coming to this folder just to scroll through the pictures of your wonderful yarn? Oooo the possibilities!

Thanks for the fix.


oh my…LOVE them!! LOVE that Esther…