This is from a Bernat Cot’N Corn pattern.
I understand k2tog, but everything else seems fuzzy.
Does this direction mean: yarn over, Sl1, k2tog, pass the slipped stich over, yarn over again, purl 3 ?
What am I doing with all of these yrn?
Thank you for your time,

Yes, you’ve got it figured out. YRN is a YO and there are 2 of them to balance out the dbl decrease of sk2p.

thank you. i believe you’ve helped me out once before. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. That’s what we’re here for.

Why am starting out with 91 co & working seed stitch, and then when it comes to this pattern…I end up w/ less than my original 91? I’m definately doing something wrong because it doesn’t confirm a stitch number lessening. And when I yo, is it to the front or back? Do I yo knitwise/purwise? Help me figure out why I am losing stitches! :slight_smile:
Please help me,
K. Ojeda

You should definitely have the same number of sts, there’s 2 YOs and a double decrease. For a yo from a purl to knit, just lay the yarn loosely over the top of the needle from front to back and knit into the next st. From a knit to a purl can be done 2 ways:
a) knit 1, bring yarn to front, over around the needle and to the front again to purl.
b) knit 1, lay the yarn loosely over the top of the needle and purl.

With a) you will have a little bit larger YO hole, with b) you have to work that YO through the back leg on the next row so it won’t be twisted. Each pattern repeat is 6 sts so after you’ve done the p3, count from the last p3 to make sure you have the 6 sts.