You've GOT to be Kidding Me ! ARGH!

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
I am so mad I am about ready to quit and find another hobby!!!
I know there were threads on this very problem and I have read them and hoped all would be ok… .but I am so frustrated at trying to knit in the round!! I am trying to do this #$%^&* hat on my Denise’s size 10.5 16" and it is RIDICULOUSLY TIGHT !!! :wall:
I cast on two diff. ways, 48 stitches, even watched Amy’s video (she has such a calm voice… ohhhhmmmmm) but no matter how i try to keep the first joining stitch tight… it is IMPOSSIBLE to continue all the way around. I got about halfway around just the first stinkin’ row two diff. attempts and finally just cut the yarn… cussed…(thus scaring the cat) :shock: and have basically vowed never to attempt knitting anything in the round… EVER!!!
(breathe, 1,2,3,4…) Thanks for letting me rant, but I still QUIT!..
anybody know of any hang-gliding / javelin throwing websites as well done as this one…just curious… :rollseyes:

Oh! Don’t quit! It’s ok! Breathe…ahhh.

It’s not that bad. I wouldn’t worry about making the join really tight right now–just work going around and around if that’s still giving you trouble. The first few rows of knitting in the round are always the hardest, I think.

You can do it! :thumbsup:

I dont think Denise’s can make exactly 16". I think it makes 20", from tip to tip…try the next cord down?

well, Google doesn’t have any matches for Flaming Poodle Grooming or Ballroom Grenade Juggling… I guess I’ll continue with this… :roflhard:
I triple checked my needle configurations and the smallest I can get is a 17 inch…(a 9" cable with the two 4" needle heads). When I first began, and was reading my booklet in my Denise set… I swore it said there was an 8" cable, but I was mistaken… there are size 8 needle heads… :doh:
Well, I guess if I really wanna try this hat… I should check and see if the DP’s I have are the right size and use those… or go buy some… How much use would I get out of a size 16 circ? a lot i suppose if i make more of these hats…sil is preggy… :?? The next cord down is the 5 inch… nahgonnahappin’

now… gonna go soothe myself with food… snack time! LOL :roflhard:

i have tried that hat…there is NO way that hat will go around any circ set but maybe a 12" set. i even put it on DPNs and the next thing i decided was that there was no way that hat was going to fit on any baby’s head that i have seen outside a premie. the circle was TINY and i think if babies had heads as small as that people wouldn’t complain so much about labor hurting! :wink: it makes me sad cuz i had to give up on that hat unless i wanted to doctor it a bit.

i have had this problem with all baby hats…i haven’t been able to cast any of them on to a small circ…drivin’ me nuts…but i ordered a whole new set of 16" circs tonight so we’ll see…

That was my thought too…once I did get it to “join,” I thought is was really small. My nephew is 7 months old and his head ain’t that teeny :thinking:
If it were…I’d be the first one in line to get pg! :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

:roflhard: :rofling: :roflhard: :rofling: :roflhard: :rofling:

Why dontcha try the two circs or magic loop method??

How much use would I get out of a size 16 circ?

I do a lot of knitting on US6 needles, so I invested in TWO Addi 16" US6 circular needles (for the 2-circ method), and they are fabulous!! I use them for hats and sleeves mostly. They are among my most-used needles. :smiley:

Ooh, I didn’t notice that you said 16" circs. I haven’t ever used the smallest cord on my denise’s (except to extend other cords) because it’s so difficult to use!

16" circs are good for sweater necks and sleeves. I agree that for a tiny hat, though, two circs or magic loop is the way to go if you don’t want to use dpns. Iven if you start with a 12 inch circ, you’ll still have to switch to something else when the circumference gets too small for those.

Don’t give up on circ, though. Once you have the right size, it is a real pleasure to knit round and round. No seam at the end, either.

I have brushed by the two circ/magic loop option but since so many have proclaimed it’s praises in other threads… i think i’ll join the club… so…
off to the store! :happydance:
i’ll report back as to my results…

As always… thank you all SO VERY MUCH for your pep talks! Mwwahhhh :thumbsup:

Amy’s video on the 2 circs is great. I think it is easier than DPN’s on some stuff. I’ve also been using the one long cord method on some gloves and that works fine too. I don’t think either is to difficult to get the hang of, especially if you’re not a total beginning knitter.