Your other hobbies?

Do you have any other hobbies besides knitting?

I’m an avid scrapbooker and have been for many many years. I also crochet a tiny bit (my step mother is REALLY great at it). I’ve tried my hand at candle making, cross stitch, and also a few other little things (such as spool knitting), but my two main “hobbies” are scrapbooking and more recently – knitting.

Do you have any others?

I just picked up knitting, so I could file that under “recent acquisition”.

As for others…reading, writing, cooking, crocheting, drawing, tattoo designing, mask making, basic web design, stage and voice acting. And although it is more a discipline than a hobby per se, I did martial arts for a few years.

I would looooove to learn beading, scrapbooking and woodworking :heart:

I’ve been cross stitching for over 16 years. For all that time it was my main passion. Since teaching myself to knit, it’s taken over. :wink:

I also do feltwork, some scrapping (although not often at all), stamping, card making and more. I’ve done a few floral things, but it’s not my strong point so I tend to not do it often.

Other than crafting, my “hobby” is reading. Ds & I visit the library once a week and I always take out at least 5-7 books. I even read when I am knitting! lol

For a long time, messing around with computers and computer games were my “hobbies”. Then I got a job in the IT field and didn’t want anything to do with computers in my free time. Then I picked up quilting and did that for a couple years. Now, I found knitting…

The other day, DH asked me why I didn’t quilt so much any more. After thinking about it for awhile, I realized that it was because I can’t quilt with my friends. Since we’ve moved, all my friends are from my wonderful knit group. Knit group meets officially 2x week and unofficially whenever a couple of us have nothing else to do. It’s so easy to grab my knitting bag and run down to the LYS when a friend calls. How could I do that with quilting? LOL


I loved to do cross stitch, but after my cataract surgery, I have trouble seeing well enough. I’ was only 42, got cataracts in both eyes and had to have them done. If I’d lived a generation or two ago, I’d be visually impaired or blind now, so I’m not complaining. I do love to play piano duets, if I can find someone who can KEEP UP with me!!! My daughter is getting close. :wink:

sfavereau, I’m the same. I used to love playing around with the computer but since I got my degree in IT and actually started working in the field, I no longer have any desire to do anything at all with my computer at home. lol

I admit that I still do a bit of graphic design/web design and whatnot but that’s about as far as it goes anymore.

[color=green]You say:[/color] “5 months until I arrive home in Wisconsin!”

[color=green]Where in WI? I’m only about an hour south of the state line.

I was an avid sewer/taylor 'til my back said no more sitting at the sewing machine. Sewing for daughters was wonderful. Even pants and dress shirts for hubby.

I started bird watching 20 years ago. Hiking is no longer an option, but we did a lot of landscaping to attract birds to our yard and it’s a hobby easily done from the deck or window now.

I garden to attract butterflies and their larva. Hummingbirds like the same flowers.

I crochet too, but that’s harder on the wrists, so I always have a knitting project going.

Oh yeah, I have a modest doll collection. My favorites are my German made dolls. I like to knit for the dolls, as they don’t out grow their knits, get dirty (only dusty) and no “spit up”.[/color]

I have quite a few hobbies. Mainly I tend to knit and crochet though. I enjoy scrapbooking and sewing, so those are the two you will usually find me doing if I don’t have a needle or hook in my hand. Other pasttimes are the computer, and math/logic puzzles… and watching LOTS of CSI.

I have tried almost every craft out there lol but knitting is the only one I’ve stayed with and will finish most things I start… I use to sell my emboridery work at a local shop and that burnt me out on it… I like to craft when I want too… not sitting up half the night to meet a quota lol… I’ve tried cross stitch, crochet, quilting (my mom’s favorite hobby), I like to coffe dye items and create new things… by taking one thing and coming up with a decorative purpose with it… I’ve tried melting spoons into shapes… till dh got worried about me using the stove and the house :rofling: … tried plastic canvas, latch hooking, drawing… painting…

I also like to read and watch classic movies…

Knitting is definitely my biggest hobby, I love it!

I also like to read. Right now I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading because I’m training to be a labor doula.

I’ve done a little scrapbooking in the past, but I’m not that good at it and I tend to lose interest quickly.

My first love is jewelry making! I do quite a bit of beading, wire sculpting, and chainmaille – yup, as in the armor! – but generally on a smaller scale. I’m working on a beading book proposal… now all I need to do is print out my pictures, quit being a chicken and just send it in, heh! :rollseyes:

Other hobbies of mine include crochet (I’m a much better crocheter than a knitter), embroidery, gardening, cooking, martial arts (iaido and kendo), video games, and cars (I used to be a mechanic).

Well, I’m a professional cross stitch model stitcher (is that the right phrase???), play piano, crochet, video games, quilting, crewel, some computer games. I think that’s it. Oh, wait, beading. Now that’s it.

Lynda M

I do or used to do a lot of things beside knitting(though that’s what I do most!).
I sew and I’m even getting better at it :cheering:
But sewing takes so much more preparation time for me than knitting and it’s not portable, therefore I don’t sew much.
I also crochet, filet crochet(though first piece is still a wip), cross stitch(just began), spin and make my own knitting needles/shawl pins/stitch markers.
And if I have time left(ha, barely happens nowadays) I read books, preferably science fiction or fantasy.

Right now, knitting is #1, and has been for about 2 years now. I’ve embroidered in the past, but not for a verrrrry long time. I love to read and I collect pinbacks and a select few Beanie Babies. I also love to ride with DH on his motorcycle whenever time/weather permit. And pro wrestling (not WWE!) is my favorite thing ever to watch!


Besides knitting I love to quilt. :cheering: In fact, yesterday I put two quilt tops together that were made of all 1930’s reproduction fabrics. They both came out beatiful.

I have tons of scrapbooking supplies but haven’t worked on an album in a very long time. Once my craft room is done I plan to have a scrapbook work station so that will certainly help.

Last November I bought an embroidery machine and have fun using that on my granddaughter’s clothes. :happydance:

I use to do counted cross stich years ago and just loved it but now I do needlepoint. I especially enjoy doing pillows. Its easier on the eyes than the cross stitch at this age. lol

Neuron-taxing strategy board games, mind-numbing video games (especially cooperative ones), and uh… does eating count as a hobby? DH used to be a chef and makes lots of yummy treats. We both enjoy good food a lot – probably a little more than we should given the way our pants have mysteriously shrunken over the last few years.

I’ve been spending an awful lot of time here lately too. :wink:

Hmmmm hobbies. I think that most of my life is centered around hobbies now. :smiley:

Piano, Organ, Singing, Reading, Knitting, Spinning, Embroidery, Crewel Work, Needlepoint, Computer Games, Gamecube Games, Swimming for Fun, and Cooking on the Grill.

I sometimes sew, but don’t really consider it a hobby because I only sew basic garments. Sewing is for necessity, not fun.

My husband and I are just starting to learn about making Reborn dolls. I don’t know if we’ll have time for it, but it’s fun learning how.

I used to do cross-stitch, but my vision won’t allow me to see the charts anymore. I can’t do knitting charts for the same reason. Believe me, I’ve tried. I have all the magnification and lights you could ever want, but they don’t help enough. It’s just too frustrating to keep up with where I am in the chart. Why would I want to torture myself like that?

I’ve always dreamed of learning to quilt, but don’t have time for it now because of knitting!

Oh! Another thing - my husband and I enjoy going to consignment stores, book stores, and antique stores.

Well, way, way, way back when I was decades younger (and I child) I remember doing latch hook rug stuff. That didn’t last beyond 2 medium-size projects. I learned to cross stitch next, and that is the one craft/ hobby I have stuck with the longest and really enjoy. For Christmas I received an ott-light and boy, does that save my eyes when I do my linen work. I’ve cross stitched for about 20 years on and off, and for the past 10 years more on than off.

I also did a stint of crocheting–did a couple of pillows, and started an cat afghan that I lost the pattern for–this was about 15 years ago.

Knitting I picked up in May–what I like about it over cross stitch is that it is really easy to pick up and get started. The downside is that color changes are a pain imho. But I plan to stick with it because I like the idea of having another hobby I can do when I need a break from cross stitch.

Other hobbies–letting my two cats amuse me, reading, posting and reading on the knittinghelp forums, baking – preferably something chocolate :lol: , and walking to counter the effects of baking with chocolate :wink:

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