Your most difficult knitting project

I’ve been tackling several patterns lately that I found challenging. Specifically, DROPS patterns. Somehow though, when I do manage to figure it out (with help!) I get a real kick out of it and it makes me enjoy the project that much more.
That got me thinking about what my next challenge should be, and what exactly constitutes a “hard” pattern. For me it’s mostly charts with confusing looking symbols which keep me on my toes (and counting) all the time. What is it for you? What is the hardest pattern you’ve ever knit, and why was it hard? And did you enjoy it, or was it a “once, but never again!” kind of experience?
Can’t wait to hear your takes on this!

You’ve figured out the secret of knitting. It’s not that hard once you have an idea of what you’re doing.

My DIL is knitting her first sweater, cables, and my son is so impressed at how intricate it is. I told him that she’s discovered that knitting is being able to follow directions. :shrug: Don’t tell anyone!!!

I think it’s like Ingrid says. Maybe the secret is following directions? I’ve never really found anything really challenging per say, and I’ve never had much difficulty with any patterns. I just tend to follow the directions on patterns and never really think about it. When I have problems it’s usually because I misread or misunderstood something, such as knitting my dogs sweater for another 4" after the neck when I was only suppose to knit until it was 4" total. In any case, I usually don’t find anything difficult, just annoying at times.