Your favourite knitted flower?

I am just finishing an asymmetrical cardigan for my cousin’s impending (2 days overdue!) baby and would like to put a flower embellishment on.

I have looked at loads of patterns and was originally just going to make a 2D daisy with icord or a chain of crochet but thought someone here may have found a to-die-for flower pattern they would recommend


I make simple roses using stockinette stitch, but they’re nothing special–just super easy.

I put this one on a hat once and it was easy and it laid flat. Website seems to be not working at the moment so here it is on Rav.

There’s another cute one here. It’s in a book, but free on her website.

Ooo, those are all cute. I’ve been wanting to knit a sunflower but there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

I like the look of that book! I love the carrots and peas - my daughters would love them. Better put it on the end of the project list.