Your favorite sock yarns

I plan to dive into socks soon…

so what is your favorite sock yarn? Why?

What do you think the softest sock yarn you’ve knit with? What soft yarns are machine washable?

I like KnitPicks Essential Tweed. It’s very soft, machine washable, and cheap.

LOL, I have MANY favorite sock yarns!!! Lornas Laces is on the top (today), then there’s Opal and regia…and lang jawoll and knitpicks sock yarns…all of them…to name a few :wink:

Any sock yarn is my fav…Although I do prefer a wool blend with silk or maybe tencel if it’s homespun. I’ve never tried bamboo.

Barefoot by mountain colors is so far the softest sock yarn I’ve tried. My personal knitter goal is to try one of every kind of sock yarn. Patternworks is killing me. They have the Step sock yarn with aloe vera in the yarn. Mmmmmmm.

I just recently started knitting socks (and liking it). I am using Opal currently, so far so good. I just recently purchased some Lorna’s Laces. I also have Socks that Rock (made here in Oregon) in my stash.
I think I have more sock yarn that any other yarn.

My favorite so far is Angora Valley Fibers Sock Yarn, I’m sensitive to wool, but I can wear her merino sock yarns just fine! It’s hand dyed, and so smooth and soft in gorgeous colors, it’s such a joy to knit with! And great combinations too, so far, I’ve never seen the colors get the least bit muddy. It’s also the cheapest I’ve seen a hand dyed sock yarn, $25 for an 8oz skein with free shipping! I’ve met the lady that dies them at a knitting expo, and she was really nice!

I just finished a sock in one of her old colorways, (pictures here on my blog) and I’m working on another pair right now in one of her new ones.

My goal is to try all the different sock yarns, too. So far, I’ve used Knitpicks Simple Stripes, Regia, Opal, and Lorna’s Laces. I think Lorna’s is my fav so far, with Opal a close second. In my stash, I currently have 12 more kinds. It’s always fun deciding which one to try next.

Opal, Opal, Opal. Great to work with and bee-you-tiful colorways.

Perfect timing on this topic! :cheering: I’m looking for solid colors for DH. Anyone have opinions on Patons Kroy and/or regular KP Essential (not tweed)? What heavier weight yarns do you use for thicker socks? Do wool/acrylic blends work as well as wool/nylon in terms of durability? I was considering Plymouth Encore DK, but am worried that it’s not enough wool content. I don’t want DH’s feet to get sweaty and stinky. :ick:

I totally agree…and WASHABLE! There are a lot of pretty sock yarns, but I can’t believe how many are handwash…that’s just not for me.

I can’t wait to get my hands on knitting the Opal. The only pair of socks I knitted was from Fixation cotton. I hated the knitting and the wearing of it.

My experience with kroy is that it’s not as soft as some sock yarns, and I can’t wear it personally (can’t wear most wool), but my dad has a pair made of kroy and they’ve lasted a really well, considering how fast he wears out socks. So it really depends on what you want in the socks.

For DH, I want plain and durable. Maybe if KP Essentials is soft I’ll try that. So far I’ve only worked with Opal and we did not have a good relationship. Or maybe I should say, we had a knot relationship. :doh:

Personally, I never met a Knitpicks yarn I didn’t like. And Essentials has lots of nice colors, although I find that they don’t come up very “true” on my monitor. Which is probably why that have color cards for purchase. If you’re concerned about wearability, you might try reinforcing the heels and toes with wooly nylon.

Sorry about your bad experience with Opal. Maybe you got hold of a bad batch.

Pink, I love the Hederas socks. I was wondering how they would turn out in a self-striping/patterned yarn. I think that’s my next pair.

Sisu is what I use for solids. It’s not spun quite a tightly as Kroy, but it is much softer IMO.

Update: I got some Patons Kroy, and am fairly pleased with the results. I did two-at-once toe-up on magic loop and ended up binding off as soon as they were anklets because I was so eager to wear them. (They were my first completed pair since my Opal socks were banished mid-project after the yarn got into a big tangle). I wore the socks overnight, and didn’t experience any itching. They were a little fuzzy the next morning, but after some machine washing and drying, they look terrific! I can’t speak to long-term wear, but my initial impression is that Kroy would make a good choice for basic solid color socks. Economical too, which is good because I know DH would like a couple pairs of long, toasty boot socks for his ginormous feet – I’m thinking about doubling the yarn and knitting foot-long (no pun intended) cuffs. I’m sure that will require a lot of yardage – I might just buy a 10-skein bag and see what I can get out of it.