Your favorite knitting weather

It’s been raining here every afternoon/evening for the past couple of days–thunderstorms, actually. I love to knit when it rains–especially in thunderstorms. Do you guys have a favorite knitting weather? I imagine I’d like to knit when it snows but since we don’t really get snow down here…I guess I’ve gotta stick w/ the rain!

Sunny and also well basically I hate the cold so WARM would be a better description =D

It has been lovely and sunny in London this weekend, but I didn’t get any knitting done! Was a busy weekend and I’m itching to get to it. Can’t wait to go to work tomorrow I am hoping some nice new knitting books that I ordered arrive (big girls knits, EZ’s knitting without tears and I got a bargain on Montse Stanley’s Knitters hand book!).

I’ve never really thought about this…i’m thinking maybe during thunderstorms, too…I love, love thunderstorms, reminds me of being a kid in Fla., always a daily shower in the summer :wink:

I’ll knit during any weater. I love being snowed in with nothing to do but knit, but if I’m home on snowy days, the boys are, too. I still knit, but not the hunker-down-and-knit-all-day kind.

The only restriction I have is that fuzzy yarns and wool are a no-no for hot days if I’m outside or the inside is too warm.

Are these your grandsons you are referring to? I noticed in an eariler post that you talked about the one running up the driveway b/c of the bear…do your grandchildren live w/ you?

Are these your grandsons you are referring to? I noticed in an eariler post that you talked about the one running up the driveway b/c of the bear…do your grandchildren live w/ you?[/quote]

Yes, my daughter lives here with her two boys; Jacob, who’s 8, and Ryan, who’ll be 6 at the end of the month. Really sweet kids, too!

very cool–I lived with my mom and dad when my daughter was about a year old until she was 2 and a half…she still spends a lot of time with them and they absolutely love it–I’m sure as she gets older she’ll have many fond memories of the time she spends with them. Anyway…no more hijacking my own thread for other conversations!!! LOL!

Cristy I love your knitting iguana. Where did you get him???

I chose Sunny
but for me I like overcast warmish days :smiley:
not cold, then my Fingers hurt and get stiff :frowning:
thunder makes people keep coming up to my car asking if I am ok sitting at the rest stop or Parking Lot in the rain :doh:
when its an overcast day I can look at the clouds, and how the light plays in them, the sun is ok too
:roflhard: I M a flake huh??


I love knitting in any weather, but I do find cooler days more enjoyable. My favorite seasons are spring and fall really so that’s a good outdoor knitting time of year for me!
:thumbsup: Jodie

I chose rainy/thunderstorms-as long as the electricity stays on! If it’s rainy then I can’t be outside doing anything with the garden, roses or cattle. :cheering:

I once knitted almost an entire baby hat during a stormy evening after our power went out. It was very surreal knitting in a storm by candelight.

I haven’t really thought about the weather to any great degree when it comes to knitting, but I have to have light, so if it’s dark or stormy outside I gotta be able to turn on every light in the room or wait 'til the next day.

If there is a sun in the sky, and the world is still revolving, I’m knitting. Ever since I first started 3 years ago, I haven’t gone a day without knitting.

Yes, I am a knitting geek.

:thinking: I knit in any weather… but my weather mood changes with the season… usually by the end of summer I can’t wait to knit on chilly fall evenings… then I can’t wait to knit while it snows… then I can’t wait to sit outside and knit… and now after all the rain we have had for the last month I want to go outside and knit in the sun :cheering: :rofling:

Thanks Sandra…my dh made him for me!

I’ll knit just about any day in any weather. I’ve only been knitting for about 9 months or so, so I don’t know about summer…

I’ll probably just switch to projects in sport-weight cotton and keep knitting away!